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  1. Quote

    You're other shirt... Rappel has an A

    Wikipedia also suggests (to me) that Norwegians may be more familiar with the term 'abseiling'.

  2. I know your post was in reply to GreenMachine, but you may
    also have been influenced by Andy_Copland, to which I would
    say that if you have been lurking for a year, you should know
    better than to let comments like that get to you. :-)

    There ain't nothing wrong with doing research.

  3. This particular 600' object costs about one billion dollars.
    Of course, it has other amenities besides the 24/7 roof
    access, such as a gym, spa, permanent accommodation
    for 600 people, etc. ...

  4. Here's an idea for you, if money is no object:
    build a house with your own rooftop jump.
    Exit point: 173 metres.

    For that much money, I hope they are building in good
    landing sites on each side.

    I also found this article about a reality TV series
    involving "jumping off a bridge". But it turns out they
    are only talking about bungee jumping...

  5. Quote

    I don't get it. What is the point of separating the boards? Wouldn't this just reinforce the elitist "we are totally different than and separate from skydiving" attitude?

    I mean this respectfully, so I hope you can take it that way, but aren't you a major proponent of the whole "Skydiving isn't BASE. I'm not a skydiver; I'm a BASE jumper." thing?

    I happen to like skydiving. In fact, I think there are a lot of people who enjoy both skydiving and BASE jumping (maybe you are one?) and from that point of view I agree with you that I don't see a need to separate the boards.

  6. Article appeared over the weekend in the Canadian newspapers:

    It was syndicated, so you'll find it other places as well.

  7. Quote

    Because that’s the highest “safe” please for my first jump …240ft its to low for me…Don’t forget that I’m a newbie.

    100 ft is the highest you want to go, but 240ft is too low?

    I think you need to figure out which way is up before you start BASE jumping...

  8. Can't resist making these semi-off-topic postings...

    A British Everest summiteer has become the first man to fly higher than the top of the world in a powered paraglider.

  9. Try this page:

    Extract: "Anyone who accomplishes a jump is recorded in a notebook. When they complete one jump of each type, they are assigned a BASE number in sequence of the people who have completed all four types before."