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  1. Dreadlock Dan was one of the coolest people I have ever met. He always had a positive vibe around him. I feel lucky to have known him. If you jumped with him, he was guaranteed to put a smile on your face! I jumped with him twice over the last 2 weekends, Both load 1.( right after his morning yoga stretches ) I will never forget those dives. Peter Blake
  2. At the end of last season it was very cold. I was getting out low and the tandem instructors asked me to "close the door on the way out!" So I got on the camera step and reached over with my left hand and got it about half way down....but the spot was getting long and I just dropped off. Maybe if I climbed out on the red light I could have shut it all the way
  3. Do you have to just hit Boogies??!!? If you want to visit as many DZ's as possible, start in Boston. SNE is about 90 minutes North in Maine. Travel South 90 minutes to Pepperell, Ma .Then an hour West is Jumptown in Orange, Ma. Next stop 90 minutes south, could be CPI near Hartford, Connecticut. Then off to The Ranch(about 90 Minutes west}.... Sky's the Limit , Cross keys... They are all open weekdays All good people there and lots of fun! and go West from there. There are many DZ's between Pennsylvania and Chicago....
  4. Cannon Powershot D-10. (about $230). Damn good point and shoot. Waterproof to 30ft. Freezeproof, and drop-proof too. also has a good adjustable lanyard so you wont loose it. Amazing photos and decent video!
  5. Bill Murray jumps with Golden Knights
  6. The DZ will never be the same. Charlie was always around. I first met him when he picked me up from a long spot. He taught me how to pro-pack even though I never asked. He was always helping out fellow jumpers. Great sense of humor too! My thoughts and prayers with you Sally. -Peter Blake
  7. Simsons vs UPS
  8. The best movie of all time....."Star 80"...Starring Eric Roberts, who also was in the second best movie "The Pope of Greenwich Village"...."Heavy Metal" was also a Great 80's movie with a cool soundtrack!
  9. You know, booze isn't really your drug of choice anyway. You're addicted to chaos. For some of us, it's coke. For some of us, it's bourbon. But you? You got hooked on disaster.
  10. I drink a 1.5 ltr evey 3 weeks of Jim Beam. Love the stuff. It's like liquid caramel! But,I break out the Makers Mark when we have guests over.
  11. Cool chart Bilvon! You can see a relationship. Crude oil and Gasoline are sold in different markets, and you will often have a lag at the the pump. In the U.S., price at the pump is supply and demand in the purist form. Gouging won't work. Most filling stations are mom and pop owned and will sell at the lowest price possible to get the customers. They only get a few pennies profit per gallon. When someone drives off without paying, they are screwed. It's one of the worst businesses to own. Right up there with restaurants and drop zones.