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  1. About 7 hours, give or take. I live in Key West and like to jump at Zhills....So there's that.
  2. CazmoDee

    Skydiving Video Games

    Wingsuit proxy flight and canopy rides in Far Cry 3 are pretty awesome!
  3. CazmoDee

    My wingsuit year 2011

    That looked pretty close! Glad you still have your legs.
  4. CazmoDee

    Sky Surfing/Boarding

    Hmmmm........ prolly not gonna happen......
  5. Jump as much as you will start to come naturally.......kind of like riding a bike.......when was the last time you had to really think about not falling over?
  6. CazmoDee

    Drinking and Diving

    Did you land with the can?
  7. CazmoDee

    new PD Optimum sizes and relative pack volumes

    I've got a Tempo 170, and was wondering the same thing.....Anyone?
  8. Links don't work for me... Now it worked(?)
  9. CazmoDee


    He was at Zhills yesterday.
  10. CazmoDee

    Packing an isolated canopy

    I think your biggest problem is going to be getting the canopy into the d-bag. Everything else is pretty simple. If you can get a canopy AND, a deployment bag of the correct size, to practice on, then go ahead. Otherwise, I think you may be wasting time. Then again, learning any part of the packing process is going to beneficial.
  11. CazmoDee

    Pirate Cupcake

  12. CazmoDee


  13. CazmoDee


    Black case, scratch on lens.
  14. CazmoDee

    New Gear

  15. CazmoDee

    serial number on a mirage container

    Look under the right side mudflap. In the pocket where the reserve data card is stored, there should be an information panel sewn on a tab. Mine has the serial #, DOM, harness size, weight, ect. As well as all the company info.