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  1. Happy birthday ms. wasabi pea! (b's so cool for remembering birthdays of our friends. she's like my own pda!)
  2. Well, based on my experiences (3 boneheads), I have done significant re-shaping of bonehead helmets. Don't have a gunner, so maybe there is something special about it that I don't know about. For cases of a crown shape difference, I have found that you certainly can reshape them. You can't take an inch out, but if your head is oval and the helmet is round, you can modify the shape of the helmet. Or maybe I have just been changing the shape of my head..
  3. ha! That one is hilarious with Bettina, you, and I. Good times, despite the weather. Bettina just went upstairs to post her pics..
  4. jmfreefly

    New toys for me

    HA! Actually, I have a MAGNUM bottle (now empty, of course) of Arrogant Bastard Ale.. j
  5. jmfreefly

    New toys for me

    But she is a newly intoduced model -- and you aren't an early adopter of new products. -I- on the other hand, am. j
  6. Yeah.. all that x2 in return. What can I say, Bettina is sexy and sweet to boot. Nothing like having someone that will do anything for you and that you are willing to do everything in return. It's even fun being 'under the weather' together, as silly as that sounds.. j
  7. I know Martini Shot Prod. use AVID (seeing their footage in AVIDs promos). Who else? If you are an AVID user, what line/version? MAC or XP or ? BTW, I'm using Avid Xpress DV 3.5.2 (?) on XP, with PRO upgrade sitting on the shelf ready to be installed. j
  8. With some strong resistance from the shavee. I was just taken aback by having my cutie on my arm, and another cutie shaving me! Everyone at work today couldn't understand why I was clean shaven -- it was so impossible to describe to WUFFOS, I started making crap up. Anyway, great boogie! j
  9. One of just a few of me.. For some reason its always hard to convince someone to come video me for free?? j
  10. Didin't you slip one of those in my bag before I left? I was sure you did! No worries- you know it is really YOUR ass I am after anyway! No, but I think you broke into my hidden stash and stole one. You know, they won't work unless they are activated. Be sure to call the 1-800 number from your home phone.. As for the second note.. as Run DMC said.. "you be illin'" j
  11. What about a Keep-the-boyfriend-from-poking-you-in-the-eye-with-a-sharp-pointy-stick card? Got one of those?!? Gosh, you invite the guy into your house and he starts smacking your girl on the ass on exit. What gratitude.. I am afraid Bettina's ass is all mine, as is the rest of her. I guess I am willing to share it with a few choice hotties.. as long as I get to watch. j
  12. Happy birthday Mellie-Mel! So when are you going to make it up to VA so we can celebrate?? j
  13. Isn't that what is called the 'pull position'? j