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  1. I'd be happy to host any Protrack databases (*.MD, *.DB, *.PX) you produce at www.speedskydiving.org
    However, the league will be by it's nature informal. In the Speedskydiving world cup we use two recording ProTracks attached to the lateral webbing (side of the waist) as we've found this to be the most reliable aread as well as a warning audible near the ear. You'll need to standardise on the number of ProTracks and and the positioning. Most accurate would be two ProTracks on the lateral webbing (Version 2 of the software can average both sets of data if the jump numbers of the units are offset). Next would be one ProTrack on either the lateral or the ankle. The least accurate place is in the helmet.
    If you are serious about this, contact L&B. You know how outstanding their Customer Service is. They may be able to loan a pair of units to your DZ for speed skydiving tryouts.
    The actual data should be used in the league rather than scans of the ProTrack readout. The maximum speed can be quite misleading. You may get a single abnormal spike for you maximum speed and the rest of the dive is fairly normal. We once had a maximum speed indicated on a ProTrack of over 700mph during a competition once. And no, it wasn't Colonel Kittenger! Speedskydiving.org seems to be down at the moment. I'll post a link to the graph later.
    As for safety, all the details are on the www.speedskydiving.net website. Please, you must have 200 jumps before you attempt this. A very freefly friendly rig is absolutely paramount. There is a nice picture of a rig that was ripped apart during a practice speed run due to a premature in the Powerpoint presentation on the speedskydiving.org website.
    An audible is a must, preferably two (a visual one would be excellent) as well as the recording ProTracks. Full face helmets are better than open ones. We've had people who failed to hear their externally mounted audibles on Gaths at competitions and pulled low so we no longer allow gaths. Freefly experience is invaluable. If you are going to be attempting this head-down, you could be tracking all over the sky. Limit the number of jumpers doing speed runs on a load to 2 or 3. Turn yourself 90 degrees to the line of flight so that if you do track, you won't be motoring into another group.
    200+ mph is not a good place to be if you have a premature. The gear isn't built to withstand that and neither of you. Know your gear and ensure that it is bullet-proof. Engage in Speed Skydiving knowing the risks and assume all responsibility.
    Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions and finally,
    GO FAST!

  2. As some on you may know, one of my roles on the Council is as Southern DZ rep. This entails me visiting DZs in Southern Britain to gather feedback and questions from jumpers and staff. Baring adverse weather conditions, I've arranged to visit Hinton on Saturday the 20th of April.
    All you online types know you can approach me at anytime via any media or in person, but please let those who aren't addicted to electronic skydiving forums know that I'll be frequenting Hinton a week on Saturday.
    If none of you have any questions or feedback I hope someone will take pity and jump with me.

  3. Fscking limit on the subject line, should read:
    "Testers required for Evo2000->JumpTrack logbook conversion software"
    Not sure if this is the best forum but here goes...
    Is there anyone out there who, like me, went from a Cool n Groovy Evo2000 to a Larsen & Brusgaard ProTrack and kept the database generated from the EvoLog software? I've written a program which creates a new JumpTrack database or imports data into an existing one from an EvoLog database and I'm looking for people to help test it out. I'm particularly interested in databases which have the freefall profile downloaded (i.e. the graphs). Being able to zip up and mail the databases to me would also be a help in case there are any bugs highlighted by your data. Also, please let me know which version of JumpTrack you are using.
    Please reply here or drop me an email to craig(at)poxon(dot)org if you are interested in helping out.
    D11665 FSB5

  4. > Any other DZs in the UK where you pay a grand total of £24 for a 2-way coaching dive? Anyone? Anyone?
    Weston. It might be a little more expensive if you are not a member. But they are a military DZ...

  5. Sorry to resurrect this thread after such a long time but I've just finished reading the book. I've also just reread the thread to check and I'm surprised nobody has mention Specialist Steve Anderson, I guess he doesn't feature in the film (especially after checking the credits on imdb.com) but this is what the book has to say about him (p402 in my Corgi paperback):
    "Specialist Steve Anderson was in a Humvee near Sizemore's in the column. He was in the back on the driver's side with his eyes pressed to the night-vision viewfinder on his SAW. Whenever the column stopped, which was often, everyone was expected to pile out and pull security. The first time they stopped Anderson hesitated. He didn't want to stick his legs out of the car. he had just started skydiving lessons at home before this deployment, and now, suddenly, he felt immobilized by the particular fear of being shot in the legs - he'd received a minor injury to his legs on an earlier mission. Back home he had just made his first freefall jump. It had been such a thrill. What if he got his foot shot off and could never jump again. Anderson reluctantly forced himself into the street."
    and (p430)
    "Specialist Anderson, despite his deep misgivings about coming out with the main convoy, had come through it unhurt. He was thrilled to find his skydiving buddy Sergeant Keni Thomas still alive and unhurt, but other than that he just felt emotionally spent."
    Anyone know if they are still jumping?
    On another note, I haven't seen the film yet, hope to tomorrow, how are the Pakistani soldier's who formed part of the rescue column, referred to in the film? In the book they are referred to as "Paki" this and "Paki" that. In the UK this is a derogatory racial slur, but I guess not in the States?

  6. > I'd like to think that 10 points is'nt just scraping by...
    Certainly not. I just managed 5 points on my Cat 10 jump (which was number 215!)!
    > I had about 20 sit jumps (some coached) before i did a 'big' one. I was the base, as i was the least experienced. Everyone came to me. I probably didnt know where everyone was at the time... i remmeber snippits even now - but you need to know at the time. Wave off and track was about 6000-5500 i stayed where i was and watched everyone track to their own space. I felt safe - even in the new environment.
    Sounds like a pretty safe way to do it to me.
    > I did 3 camera jumps - sit flying.
    Would have recommended something you were more familiar with first :-)
    > It was really for my experience, rather that to actually 'film' somebody. I understand that there needs to be some 'rules' regarding when you can and cant do things... again - i felt reasonably safe - and at the end of the day - you always have to do something 'for the first time' at some point
    Indeed. It just struck me that you mentioned how the US was more progressive because skydivers without any proven relative experience are allowed to freefly together yet nothing about the relative requirements for flight recording. Probably just omitted but then again the freeflying issue is hot at the moment and there are more (and therefore more complicated) rules about freeflying than wearing a camera.
    > I jump @ Hinton - there are lots of us
    So it would seem!

  7. Phil,
    Firstly congratulations on getting your Cat. 10. I hope that with 3 AFF instructors on your four-way, they didn't make it too easy for you! :-P
    > I had a load of new jumps to my credit too: first FF / big way sit /
    How big is a big way? I find that the more jumps I do the smaller and smaller a group I want to be in, depending on who's in the group of course (although me being there is not a good start). Were you aware of where everyone was at all times? How close was the group through-out the dive and how much was it moving around? How and where did it break off?
    You say you with a group of freeflyers so I hope they were looking after you and making you aware of all this stuff, but it sounds like you had a lot going on and it's very easy to get carried away. Not trying to put a downer on all the things you've achieved but I thought I was safe in biggish groups until I had a collision and lost a helmet with camera. :-(
    > 100 jumps / CASA / tracking / tube / rodeo / camera / train / all good!
    Were you wearing the camera or was someone filming you? If you were wearing it, did you combine it with anything else like freeflying? Whereas I personally don't believe you need to be FS1 to freefly (although you should have demonstarted that one is competant at several of the skills required to achieve it) I do believe that 200 jumps is still a good guidline for strapping a camera to your head.
    Where do you jump in the UK Phil? It's probably in another thread somewhere but I don't hang around here too much. Going to the AGM?

  8. If anyone wants to see the ad:
    Hey, that's UR-67477! Sibson's (UK) Turbolet.
    If you write to the advertising guy, can you tell him it's pronounced Zen-ith not Zee-nith!