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  1. > Because they were trying to sell me a more expensive policy than the HB equipment policy I already had?
    Hmm, I see. Forgot about the changing policies aspect. I'm surprised they didn't try to sell you (or anyone) both! HB's airsports equipment insurance is 5% for indemnity (6% for new for old) which equates to £75 (for the 3 items at £500 each). Is it reasonable to expect that level of cover with all of the medical coverage for not a lot more. Plus, you would be required to break down each item for the equipment insurance (since each item has a serial number).
    >I don't think you're looking at the same policy. My certificate says:
    '(iii)£500 in respect of any one article, pair or set of articles of Activity Equipment.'
    Yes, that's the Activity Travel insurance for short term periods:
    > Read the fine print and don't assume a specialist skydiving policy will view your equipment as 'personal effects'.
    Is it a specialist skydiving policy? It is a specialiast travel insurance policy which is loaded depending on activity due to the risk and medical treatment that may be requried.

  2. > Oh yes, and they reduce your personal accident cover for any accidents that occur while skydiving. Yeh, that makes sense.
    (Playing Devil's Advocate) Why not? I am insured with H&B because they are one of the only companies who still pay out (albeit reduced) for Personal Accident in the event that it arises from ANY parachuting activity.
    When you are putting yourself at personal risk, you are paying for the medical treatment, is it reasonable to expect to be compensated for hurting yourself? Again specialist needs require specialist insurance.

  3. > they said that individual items were covered up to £500 (main, reserve, container)
    Why would they? I'm struggling to think of an analogy. The closest I can think of would be a home-built Personal Computer. You could break it down into £250 for the hard disk, £250 for the CPU, £250 for the motherboard, £250 for the memory, £250 for the graphics card etc. but because it gets assembled into one unit it counts as a single item?
    Perhaps they would consider them individual when a main is cutaway and damaged?
    Either way, you are right that there has been some ambiguity. Would have been prudent to get confirmation in writing of any special area that required clarifcation.
    According to http://www.hbinsurance.co.uk/policies/multitrip_summaryofcover.html the single item limit appears to be £250 for personal effects so £500 is double what they could have paid?
    > I can insure my whole house for about the same amount. Is it unreasonable to think that they could cover my kit (indemnity, not new-for-old - therefore totalling about £2,500) for that amount?
    The majority of the policy is insurance for upto £5M for medical and SAR and £1M for personal liability, as well as the smaller allowances. Therefore (I'm assuming) it is a different league to the value of your home and contents insurance and doesn't really compare. The priority of the policy is for medical purposes and the expense of personal effects. We have special personal effects in the form of our gear in value and in use so they require special consideration.
    My rigs are named and valued items on my home contents insurance.

  4. Thanks Chuck
    > One of the three had him scrambling to get his three rings to activate long after pulling the handle!
    I remember that a while back when posted on here and rec.skydiving?
    >In your case, the only thing I can say for certain that I would have done was chop both arm wings after you cut away and fired the reserve.
    It's funny, I was talking to a friend today about the mal and he reminded me of a conversation we had when I first started jumping the BirdMan suit. Apparently I told him I would cutaway the wings before deploying the reserve but I have no memory of this. It feels like I've been a bit vague on this and need to sit down and think about this again. Like with you mal Chuck, touching my wing cutaways with respect to using them was not part of drill run-through, but reather checking they were just fully seated and mated before exit. Something else I need to think about
    >I did not like that pillow at all; it was a bitch to pull, no lie. You MUST peel them before you go yanking on them.
    When I visualise my reserve drills, I see myself peeling the velcro on both handles. I have no recollection of what I did during the mal. I guess my muscle memory kicked in, but I certainly don't remember being hindered in any way. Reminds me of the time I was practicing for my first freefall on static-line. One of the guys held onto the teflon cable to simulate astiff pull expecting me to initiate my reserve drills after a couple of tries, but nothing was going to stop me pulling the ripcord and it came out first time and the guy was left with friction burns to his fingers. I'm very happy with a reserve pillow. :-)

  5. Oh yeah, got it now. Never landed over there, so not sure that was me, but remember a beer with a Scot perhaps sheltering from the rain or during the big meal we had. Just checked your profile and it has also twigged that you are the Brit100 video editor extraordinaire!