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  1. Quote

    I don't have a really convenient way of listing recent uploads on my site, so I'll just list some of the new ones here.[:/]

    That needs to be sorted really?

  2. Indeed! I've considered this, expecially with regards to claims for Speed Skydiving world records. The format of the data is pretty simple and could be recreated artificially fairly easily. The art would come in making it look real. I couldn't be bothered but I bet there are people out there who could be! A smooth acceleration and matching decceleration with and average of 350 mph right in the 1km measuring zone would arouse my suspicions!

    Anyone else notice how Willem didn't discount any of my observations? :-)

  3. This is a joke, right? I mean, if this guy is really a freeflyer, what the hell is he doing breaking-off at 6,000 feet and why hasn't he got a wide-enough angle to get the whole of the plane in as it flys past underneath him?!

    Seriously though, I would be doubting this if Michael hand't chipped in with some "official" sounding confirmation.

    How easy would this be to fake? This is a very high speed incident and the plane would only have to be, and is, in view for a couple of frames. There is some blockiness around the plane but this could be just to do with the MPEG compression. Purely subjectively, the vertical distance seems to increase more than the horizontal which implies that the plane is flying horizontally slower than terminal?

    How can you hear the direction from which a plane is flying? Ok, probably a poor choice of words, but how easy is it to hear the engines of a plane in freefall? It's hard to remember for how long I am aware of that noise adter exit; more important things to worry about usually. What kind of helmet was Peter wearing? Most certainly covers the ears if it's a camera helmet.

    I don't know about falling "between the vertical stabilizer and elevator". It looks like the plane completely passes underneath in the four frames in which it occurs. It's difficult to tell from the angle and the width of the lens but from the position I would guess that they wouldn't have collided even if the timing had been different.

    And what is with all the alti checks? And the glitches on the video?

    Collision between skydivers and aircraft have occured before, the last onevery recently here in the UK and I don't mean to belittle this; I'm just playing Devil's advocate. If it's real, I'm glad this guy was lucky and didn't turn out as another fatality.

    Do the FAA have a Near Miss reporting system where this can be verified? :-)

    I'm not normally a conspiracy theorist, honest! Now I'm going to sit back and wait for the flames...

  4. Check out my perspective of boarding this beast!

    ftp://ftp.skydivingmovies.com/public/CraigPoxon/BoardingAntonov.mpg (still can't fu(king link ftp urls!)

    Listen for the wind coming off the idling engines and check out the whuffos climbing aboard without rigs. At least they strapped them in that year!

  5. Talking of close, been looking at the pictures on the BirdMan website again, and only just realised how close some of them are.
    It's a wide-angle lens but look at the shadow of Jussi's foot on the Otter stabilizer in this picture.
    Whole body shadow on this picture
    Is it as close as it looks?

  6. As far as I'm aware, it never came back from a service (or was it repairs?) in Denmark shortly after the Caravan arrived. I guess Langar wanted to maximise their purchase of the Caravan. According to my logbook, the last time i jumped out of it was 24th February 2001.

  7. Is that the Hunting Aviation one? Weston used that recently after the Nomad problem I believe. I hope it's not the same one as that one is slow and the pilots don't like flying jumpers alledegly...

  8. I've jumped both a Voodoo (1) and Voodoo 2 with a wingsuit. The pack tray of the original Voodoo seemed a lot more open and it's the one thing I would have liked to seen carried over onto the newer version. I'll try and dig some photos out of the difference between the two.
    I talked with Sacha, the European Icarus Canopies guy, at the Empuria Christmas boogie and I believe he was telling me how he used to work for Rigging Innovations and was involved with the development and testing of the first Voodoo. He said jumps were done with wingsuits and it was a particular consideration. Whilst the pack tray is more enclosed on the V2, I wouldn't have thought they'd forget about wingsuits. I've never had a problem with my V2 (only twisted a couple of times but that was probably due to bad body position, oh, and one total :-o), but then I partially come out of the track and back into freefall on deployment anyway. This is with a 30" zp pc and standard bridle.

  9. Ear-plugs are cheap. I'll have a box with me if anyone wants some. Also, I "heard" that this would be a "Super" Skyvan doing 3.5 lifts an hour.
    And don't forget the BirdMen love tailgates too!

  10. There's no such DZ as Langer! :-P
    I know too which is another clue...
    I reckon Birdmen should get priority to jump from it, after it's intended use of course!

  11. This is a close-up view of the stress on the material between the leg and the leg wing. Anyone else seeing this apart from Chuck and I? I have more example pics if anyone would like to see them?

  12. Barry has put a message up on http://www.skydivenet.com/fatalities/ on the 4th of June which reads:
    "Incomplete 2002 data can be found at www.skydivingfatalities.com. This will become the new version of this site, which I will continue to maintain. I'm a little behind in keeping this up to date, but should be caught up by the end of the week... My world has been a little crazy of late! Blue skies -- Barry."

  13. You may have an older version of a ProTrack which can be fooled by wingsuits. Having said that, even the latest versions of ProTracks can be fooled in the default Dive Type mode. You need to set it to SLO mode so that the parameters which define being under a canopy are lower.
    The online manual seems to be a bit out of date and I don't have a later one to hand, but the process is the same.
    Switch on the ProTrack.
    Press the Mode button until you reach SET window
    Press the Set button
    The first Set Selector should be Dive Type.
    Press the Mode button until it says SLO (number 10)
    Press the Set button until you reach OUT and the press the Mode button or you can just let the unit switch itself off.
    If you don't had a SLO mode then, like vesa said, contact Larsen & Brusgaard and see what they can do for you.

  14. This aired in the UK this evening and is now available from
    and will probably move soon to
    ftp://ftp.skydivingmovies.com/public/from TV/ER.WMV
    Can't make these links because there seems to be a problem with ftp URLs that hasn't been fixed!

  15. Nice! Well, you know what I mean :-S
    Wow, that still will keep me amused until you get around to capturing the video.
    Does your camera angle show anything?
    Something else I meant to say is a dropping exit is definitely what you want. Don't push off in any way. It doesn't say this explicity in the manual (Section 6.1 Exits) but it's definitely implied by saying you should fall away for a couple of seconds before inflating your wings. (I wonder if explicitly recommending a drop exit and advising against pushing off, especially for lower tailed aircraft woul dbe a good thing in the manual?) But as we've seen people forget and a push-off could make the difference if you prematurely inflate the wing. Another good habit to help break the chain...