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  1. The only way I know of doing it is through screen shots. I suggest you email L&B with your idea; you know how good their customer service is and they are very receptive to ideas that improve the product. They are pretty busy and it may be a while for the next update to come out though.

    Lummy's idea is a good one. You can right-mouse click on the graph and select Export from the context-sensitive menu and export the time, altitude and speed data in a comma-separated or tab-delimited file. This can easily be imported into Excel to graph.

    Do you want to export the graphs to show people? I'd be willing to host your JumpTrack database on http://www.speedskydiving.org which allows you to graph your data dynamically online. You can even overlay multiple jumps. When I get a moment I intend to allow people to upload their databases for themselves but at the moment you'll need to send them to me via email (the .DB, .MB and .PX files)

  2. Why is it a "pimp" rig?

    If the rig was decorated with the Stars and Stripes you'd be calling it patriotic and saluting it!

    This rig appears regularly in an advert on the back cover of the UK Skydiving magazine modelled by Knut Krecker and can be seen in the gallery on the manufacturers website: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10

    I think Tim Porter has been loaned the rig for occasions like the World Air Games too.

  3. Hi Thomas,

    Very interesting.

    What are the practicalities of jumping a wingsuit over the North Pole? Do you have an extra large wingsuit to get the warm clothing underneath or do you have thinner but more effective insulation?

    The link to your website from your profile has a ";" instead of an "l" in it

    When do you expect to put the photos up of the wingsuit jump itself on the page. I can't wait to see them!

  4. Think so. As usual there are several events that combined. Firstly the guy who zipped by was fixated on the base guy and not looking around. As he put on some speed to catch up he generated a lot of lift which caused him to zoom past me. I was above him which made it very difficult for him to see me, which is bad on my part, but situations change quite rapidly and it did allow me to see and anticipate him. The forum only allows 300k attachments so I wasn't able to put a longer clip where you can see me looking around keeping an eye on him although he's not in view very much due to the angle and the width of the lens.

    Wingsuit flying is very 3D but because a lot of it is face to earth I think we limit our field of vision. Like I said, the old rules apply, be aware of where everyone is. If you can't then the group is probably too big. And keep your head on a swivel!

  5. Quote

    SO I guess the moral of the story is that this is really a kick ass helmet. Noone could beleive that it survived being dropped from 3 grand and being lost in the woods for months. I love this helmet! I think I'm gonna name it "Lucky".:)

    Whilst I love Bonehead Composites products as knock protectors and camera platforms, this highlights how useless any skydiving helmet would be after a hard blow. "Proper" helmets are designed to deform and absorb impacts, rendering the helmet useless but saving your head. A helmet that is still intact after a 50mph impact with the earth seems not to conform with this ideology, hence the warning stickers inside!!

  6. I seems that helmets without heads in fall about 50 mph.

    This is the plot from an original Mindwarp with a PC1 in a d-box that came off my head after a freefall collision

    This is the plot from a ProTrack from Didier Moinel Delande who was training for a Speed Skydiving jump when he lost his Oxygn. 200 mph decceleration in 10 seconds.

  7. Quote

    did warn me that the manufacturing plant would be closed for a week for some reason

    Robert Pecnik is in the Lauterbrunnen valley, Switzerland, at the moment. I don't know if he's the only one running off the suits but it may have something to do with it.
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  8. For those of you who can't (or won't!) install the OziExplorer software, here are some captures of the graphs that are produced and a plot of the paths taken.

    Note the speed measurements are horizontal, i.e. across the ground.

    The increases in altitude are visible in AltVsTime2 and AltVsDistance2.










  9. The Weston Wingsuit Festival which took place this weekend was a fantastic success!

    I'd like to thank Andy and Bev Ford for organising and making it happen, Dave Woods (CCI at Weston) and all his staff for their help (including getting in Texel's Caravan), all those who lent their demo and previous suits so we could get people in the air, the experienced jumpers who took the new guys out on their first jumps, the jumpers themselves (new and experienced), L&B for providing some ProTracks to record the flights (data will be appearing on my site soon), the guys from GPSDrawing.com (who came along to record data for their project and lend their GPS recorders.

    I wouldn't like to thank the British weather which tried to spoil our fun but failed.

    Have a look at some of the pictures Swardy took.

  10. This is a BASE container (Morpheus Gargoyle) so the whole container is open and may look very different to you without the reserve, but you can see an example of the dynamic corners.

    They are the quarter circle shapes between the side and bottom flaps. The fold in them allow them fold up on themselves and sit between the canopy and the side flaps.

  11. Copied from Fordy's post to uk.rec.skydiving. I'll be there and I can't wait!

    Hello all,
    There will be a wingsuit festival at weston on the green on the 20th/21st July as advertised in "Skydive Mag"

    The aircraft for the weekend are Cessna Caravan (electric door, sound system!!) turbine beaver and turbine islander...

    We have Demo suits, thanks to Hinton skydiving centre, the Red Devils display team and my wingsuit flying friends who have kindly donated there origional suits for the weekend, without the above the weekend would not be half as much fun.

    Ticket price for visiting jumpers is £15.00....

    altitude 12,000-14,000ft depending on air traffic...

    Minimum requirement, 500 jumps to fly a wingsuit... BOC throw-away P.C only...

    if you have made descents on a wingsuit with an elliptical canopy then please bring your own eqpt along, for First time wingsuit flyers NON ELLIPTICAL canopies only.

    This weekend is a great opportunity for current uk wingsuit flyers of all standards to get together and learn from each other,attempt some bigger formations, and introduce jumpers to this fantastic discipline....

    So if you have made some descents and want to help wingsuit flying to progress, or would like to try wingsuit jumping for the first time with experianced flyers then get down to weston for the weekend.

    any enquires please e-mail me
    [email protected]
    Weston on the green.

  12. That was the 500th post here so the forum can now attempt to learn to fly a Birdman suit on it's own :-P

    Seriously though, how did you get on with that container you were trying to mod Fordy?
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  13. Listen pal, we invented the language, so don't tell me how to speak it proper!! :-)

    Sorry for the confusion; it was a sort of rhetorical suggestion. An ", eh?" at the end may have helped clarify it!

    Is it you or Andy that moves the files from the uploads directory to somewhere more logical? If it's you, don't those rights allow you to modify the welcome text?

    Modifying the welcome text would be best, but the search would be cool too.
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