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  1. Quote

    Even if it isn't completely "accurate" to Craig's stringent measures, it is still an outstanding job.

    I used the same word myself :-)


    If you are really into the slow-flight techie stuff, then Craig Poxon and those guys are doing some neat tricks.

    What can I say, I'm a geek!


    Craig, who is the guy that had little toggles put on his lower wingtips so that they could hold onto them easier, like we do with SkyFlyers?

    Andy Ford. Posts here occasionally as Fordy They are more like a loop. From the bottom of the wrist cuff to bottom part of the wing that comes out perpendicular to the wrist. There is a slight risk of passing the hackey through this though on deployment which you need to be careful of. Can you post any pictures of your mod Andy?

  2. Hey Mac,

    Where was your ProTrack mounted? Was it in your helmet? I'm always a little sceptical of helmet mounted ProTracks as they seem to be susceptible to movement of the head. Whenever I see sharp rise and fall from the maximum to the minimum within a short space of time on the graph I'm dubious

    Take for example this helmet mounted ProTrack data with three sharp peaks over 100 mph and two between these at 10-20mph, doesn't give me a lot of faith, but I do believe the period between 75 and 105 seconds which is consistent.

    Although more extreme than your example, I'm less inclined to trust the section of graph after 95 seconds. It looks like you maxed out the recording time for the ProTrack. It would be interesting to see the data after as it looks like it was becomming more consistent again.

    I don't mean to have a go, you look to have some consistency in the low 40s / high 30s which is outstanding on a GTi I just don't believe 21 mph (unless you did a dive to uild up some speed first?). What sort of build are you?

    I just don't trust single mounted ProTracks mounted in positions which are exposed to rapidly changing air flows. I draw your attention to this post I made regarding the data from 3 ProTracks

    Finally, send me your ProTrack database (*.DB, *.MB, *.PX in a Zip file please) and I'll host it on jumptrack.com. Easier to share graphs than capturing screen shots and upload them. More flexible too.

  3. I have the LQRS on my Skyflyer. Firstly, it doesn't cut away the wing as such (i.e. on the inside of the leg) but releases a seam on the outside of the leg, adjacent to the zip which allows your leg out just like the zip, with the wing still connected to the leg of the suit. My LQRS is on the left leg but this may be because I have a Jack knife pockect on the right leg which has a loop near where the leg release would be and I also have the BASE PC pocket so the right side is "busy".

    If a leg is still "in" then this gives tension on one side of the wing and could cause unevenness if the wing inflates. If both feet are out for a low exit the wing is less likely to inflate and not have such adverse effects if it does? Although, as I speculated, it may cover the front or back if not stuffed somewhere?

  4. Quote

    I wonder if there is difference between having your zippers open and having your wings really cut? Chuck, any ideas?

    I wonder if with both of the legs out unzipped or cut could allow the leg wing to pass between your legs in freefall and cover up the bottom of your container. Or even blow over your front and cover up your handles? Might test that out (with different suits) next time the opportunity arises!

  5. Firsrt rig, was a Teardrop classic with a

    (1) Sabre 190
    (2) 1.15
    (3) Pretty good. Very docile, predictable and on-heading

    Did 26 jumps with this configuration (1 classic jump and the rest GTi) and then I went to the Christmas boogie at Empuria last year. I didn't have the baggage allowance to take both rigs and although it was elliptical and more highly loaded I elected to take my Voodoo with a

    (1) Crossfire 149
    (2) 1.5
    (3) Not bad. From normal freefall, my Crossfire is a very slow opener. 800-900 ft+, causing me to have to initiate my deployment at 3000 ft. It opens within a more reasonale altitude like 500 ft: a) after a Speed Dive and I'm doing 150 mph after slowing down on my belly in my gimp suit b) after a wingsuit dive, due to the horizontal vector of movement during deployment.

    My Crossfire is a canopy like likes to "hunt" (canopy points left and right during inflation but generally ends up on heading). I don't know if it's the lower airspeed or my body position in the suit (which I'm given to believe) but I do have more off-heading openings with the Crossfire.

    I have had a couple of "serious" twists (4-5 in the riser) with the Crossfire but the Crossfire flew straight and level as I took the twists out (I guess the riser twists must have been level). One of the twists I really had to kick out, the other one I natually untwisted with little input as quickly as I'd twisted up.

    I tend to deploy at 3000 feet with my Skyflyer and Crossfire since the minimal loss in altitude on deployment still gives me time to deal with anything (well, we'll see).

    I've now done 56 wingsuit jumps with the Crossfire, 30 on the Gti and 26 on the Skyflyer.

    I should also mention that I had the line mod carried out just prior to first jumping it with a wingsuit.

  6. I heard that BirdMan will be unveiling their new model at the PIA symposium, which is in Florida on the 26th to the 31st of January 2003. Which is a it annoying seeing as I only just got my Skyflyer! Still, I guess everything moves on.

    Yuri referred to a "new Skyflyer" in his post, I wonder if he meant it was new to him (don't think so, he's had a Skyflyer a while) or if it is a new variation?

    People are adding modifications to their suits such as stiffening or creating an edge along the front of the leg or adding handles to the wingtips. These are some minor modifications that could perhaps be incorportated. Purely speculation on my behalf!

  7. Quote

    Were you wearing a Pro-Track to see you delay time?

    I was, my best was 105 seconds from 13500 feet but pulling high (around 5500) as they were my first jumps. At that kind of fallrate I'd need a little over 9000 feet of freefall to hit 2 minutes in flight.

    Did you download the data? If you did, send it to me and I'll host it on jumptrack.com. I don't know whether you have the software and cable but probably not since you were at the DZ for a week and you started jumping the birdman at the beginning? I had my laptop with me at the weekend. Should've downloaded it for you. I'll probably have it with me again this weekend if I'm up. If you haven't over-ridden it in the last ten jumps I'll grab it. Or I'll get the data from your next one.

  8. Quote

    maybe someone could upload it to the skydivingmovies ftp..?

    It's already in the Uploads directory waiting to be moved.

    p.s. Anyone know where this is (Spanish Caravan with no windows) and why they are wearing Skydiving Unlimited (a UK operation starting up a DZ in Seville) labelled ProTecs?

  9. I haven't wingsuit BASEd (yet) but BASE 346 recently sent me some of the ProTrack data that went with his video from Kjerag. You can see from the graphs here and here that for the first 8-9 seconds and the first 800 feet or so, the vertical speed is building before it starts to decrease. It's difficult to tell how much forward speed there is without a GPS but it's not going to be as significant as when the lift is being generated and the vertical speed starts to drop.

    So, in answer to your question, yes, 500ft probably is too low and you need at least a 1000ft to make it "worth it". (Unless you are a crazy, super-tracking Norwegian, maybe...)

  10. You should consider 200 as an absolute minimum. How long did it take you to get to your 95 jumps? How long do you expect it to take you to get to 200? If you buy the suit do you expect to jump it under the supervision of an experienced wingsuit flyer. If you do, is there such a person at your DZ or do you intend to travel somewhere there is. Have you spoken with this person about it? If not, would your CCI be happy to let you jump it with 200 jumps and no supervision? Unlikely since the BirdMan recommendation is still 500 jumps for trying a suit without supervision. You're a student (Uni not skydiving) aren't you Alex? I think the money would be better spent elsewhere on jumps or coaching. From your profile, you say you have no AAD. I assume this is due to lack of money or the belief that money is better spent on currency/skills/awareness through jumping (I should probably do a search for your opinions on this before making such a statement :-S edit: found it) so maybe you should apply the same reasoning to the wingsuit? Second-hand suits will be available when you are ready, moreso infact due the increasing popularity of the discipline with more suits out there and also new models coming along. So what benefit would having the suit but not the money do you now? Apart from being able to say you have a wingsuit?

  11. And this is what you get if you search for parachute:

    [LI]Back to Freedom (1988)[/LI]
    [LI]Benny's Video (1992) 6.8/10 (169 votes)[/LI]
    [LI]Carmen Jones (1954) 6.6/10 (266 votes)[/LI]
    [LI]Carrotblanca (1995) 8.1/10 (38 votes)[/LI]
    [LI]Columbo: Swan Song (1974) (TV) 7.7/10 (67 votes)[/LI]
    [LI]Daffy - the Commando (1943) 8.1/10 (27 votes)[/LI]
    [LI]Fantômas se déchaîne (1965) 6.0/10 (150 votes) ...aka Fantomas Strikes Back (1965)
    ...aka Fantomas minaccia il mondo (1965) (Italy)
    ...aka Fantômas contre Interpol (1965)
    ...aka Fantômas revient (1965)
    ...aka Vengeance of Fantomas, The (1965)
    [LI]Goofy's Glider (1940) 6.2/10 (8 votes)[/LI]
    [LI]H.O.T.S. (1979) 3.5/10 (226 votes) ...aka T & A Academy (1979)
    [LI]Hairied and Hurried (1965) 4.4/10 (5 votes)[/LI]
    [LI]Hare Lift (1952) 7.2/10 (12 votes)[/LI]
    [LI]Jagdrevier der scharfen Gemsen (1975) ...aka Faraway Fantasy (1983) (USA: video title)
    ...aka Has Anybody Seen My Pants? (1975) (USA)
    ...aka Mei Hos ist in Heidelberg gelieben (1975)
    ...aka Oh Schreck mei Hos' is weg (1975) (West Germany)
    [LI]John Tranum (1935)[/LI]
    [LI]Jurassic Park III (2001) 5.9/10 (10623 votes) ...aka JP3 (2000) (USA: promotional abbreviation)
    [LI]Out and Out Rout (1966)[/LI]
    [LI]Sky Trooper (1942) 6.8/10 (5 votes)[/LI]
    [LI]Syphon Filter 2 (2000) (VG) ...aka SF2 (2000) (VG) (USA: short title)
    [LI]Top Secret! (1984) 6.7/10 (4768 votes)[/LI]
    [LI]Your Mother Wears Combat Boots (1989) (TV) 5.8/10 (17 votes)[/LI]

  12. If you do an Internet Movie Database word search on the keyword "skydiving" it returns this list:

    [LI]Adventures in Wild California (2000) 7.4/10 (23 votes) ...aka MacGillivray Freeman's Adventures in Wild California (2000) (USA: complete title)
    [LI]Beach Blanket Bingo (1965) 5.1/10 (224 votes)[/LI]
    [LI]Bridge Too Far, A (1977) 6.9/10 (2699 votes)[/LI]
    [LI]Congo (1995) 4.3/10 (5244 votes)[/LI]
    [LI]Cutaway (2000) 5.7/10 (160 votes)[/LI]
    [LI]Delta Force 2: Operation Stranglehold (1990) 4.1/10 (253 votes) ...aka Delta Force II: The Colombian Connection (1990)
    [LI]Drop Zone (1994) 5.5/10 (1740 votes)[/LI]
    [LI]Eraser (1996) 5.9/10 (8668 votes)[/LI]
    [LI]Fandango (1985) 6.3/10 (1177 votes)[/LI]
    [LI]Fathom (1967) 5.0/10 (103 votes)[/LI]
    [LI]Gypsy Moths, The (1969) 5.8/10 (125 votes)[/LI]
    [LI]H.O.T.S. (1979) 3.5/10 (226 votes) ...aka T & A Academy (1979)
    [LI]Honeymoon in Vegas (1992) 6.0/10 (2254 votes)[/LI]
    [LI]Lurah dendam (1996) ...aka Valley of Vengeance (1996) (Malaysia: English title)
    [LI]Moonraker (1979) 5.9/10 (5232 votes) ...aka Moonraker (1979) (France)
    [LI]Point Break (1991) 6.4/10 (6474 votes)[/LI]
    [LI]Proof (1980)[/LI]
    [LI]Siesta (1987) 5.2/10 (356 votes)[/LI]
    [LI]Skydivers, The (1963) 1.6/10 (255 votes) ...aka Fiend from Half Moon Bay (1963) (USA)
    ...aka Panic at Half Moon Bay (1963) (USA)
    [LI]Tejing xinrenlei (1999) 6.3/10 (229 votes) ...aka Gen-X Cops (1999) (Hong Kong: English title) (International: English title: literal title)
    [LI]Terminal Velocity (1994) 5.3/10 (1421 votes)[/LI]
    [LI]Thin Air (1969) 3.9/10 (19 votes) ...aka Body Stealers, The (1969)
    ...aka Invasion of the Body Stealers (1969)
    ...aka Out of Thin Air (1969) (Europe: English title: video title)
    [LI]XXX (2002) 6.3/10 (2649 votes) ...aka Triple X (2002) (USA: informal English title)

  13. Forgot to say, usually I'll set my first alarm to 4,000 and my second to 3,000 for deployment. I once had the two alarms sound almost consecutively when there should have been at least 10-15 seconds between the two of them. Again, moving my head around may have confused the unit as with the above graphs. Just goes to show devices can't be relied upon.

  14. Funny you should ask. Last weekend I went up with 3 ProTracks. One was mounted in my helmet (Oxygn) and the other two were mounted on the lateral webbing of my Voodoo in the same set-up as is used for Speed Skydiving. I think with the Skyflyer now that the wing extends down below this webbing therefore the ProTracks mounted there are sitting ontop/behind the wing. If wingsuit wings are like airplane wings then this would be an area of faster moving/lower pressure air. Not sure if the readings are higher or lower, but they certainly look cleaner.

    The most extreme example is with jump 720. The black line is from the helmet mounted ProTrack whereas the coloured ones come from the laterally mounted units. I think the fluctations come from moving my head around. Unfortunately, I wasn't wearing my camera on these jumps, so it's difficult to tell. I'll be doing that next time, along with some ankle or trouser pocket mounted units i.e. under the wing.

    Here are the graphs to the other jumps:


    The server on which these links reside is a bit flaky. Please let me know if you have problems accessing it!

  15. Had the pleasure of jumping with a first time jumper this weekend. His deployment was somewhat interesting thanks to a dipped shoulder, a lazy pull and failing to properly collapse his wings again after throwing out. Despite a larger pilot chute and longer bridle, the PC got stuck on his back in the burble for approximately 1 second. As it released from the burble, the bridle snaked around the jumper's foot and took just under a second to release until the bag started to come cleanly out of the container. Attached are some captures from the video which demonstrate the importance of good drills! Apologies for the quality of the images but I wasn't as close as I could have been and I've used the PlayBack zoom feature of the PC-110 to magnify the images.

    DSC00001.JPG - Deployment
    DSC00002.JPG-DSC00008.JPG - Pilot chute stuck in burble
    DSC00009.JPG-DSC00017.JPG - Pilot chute escapes burble but bridle is snaked around foot
    DSC00018.JPG - Bridle frees and deployment continues normally
    DSC00047.JPG - Jumps rotates almost 180 degrees on deployment!