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  1. I agree with you. I have a tandem rating, but not AFF. I have often thought that I should become an AFF instructor and I think I'd be a good one. But you are absolutely right, I should play a bigger role and get people more comfortable under their canopy. But, the problem still exists that, from my perspective, there are a lot of AFF instructors that can't correctly teach the canopy portions of the lessons. This isn't their fault entirely, it is that to become an AFF instructor, you don't to pass any strict canopy control tests... it is basically all freefall. Revise the IRM and SIM! A couple weekends ago a guy who is an AFF instructor, tandem instructor, coach, etc. broke his back. He has over 1000 jumps and made some mistakes that shock the hell out of everyone. On a hop and pop he somehow couldn't make it back to the LZ, ended up having to downwind it in a baseball field of all places. He freaked and was flying in deep brakes all the way on final and just before landing he thought it would be a good idea to stall his canopy out on rears. Conclusion, broken vertabrae. Remedy, revise the IRM so that instructors have to prove they know how to fly a canopy before they teach it and then revise the SIM so that they are actually teaching students how to fly a parachute instead of how to just make it back to the LZ and land. The root of all these canopy related inuries sand fatalities isn't because someone is downsizing too quickly, it is because they are not given the fundamentals of flight from the beginning.
  2. Tokinia 10-17 on my Rebel XS. Awesome lens!
  3. I never post on here but recent events at my DZ made me realize that the SIM needs some revision. At my DZ there are lots of capable people that can teach basic canopy control. But there is where it ends. There are not many people able to teach anything more than what they can spew from the SIM. The people that DO know advanced canopy control (and I am not just talking about swooping) are too busy working all day or are unwilling to help the younger jumpers. People at my DZ get yelled at when they make honest mistakes under canopy and the AFF instructors have nobody to blame but themselves - there is a lack of instruction that goes beyone basic canopy control and basic landing patterns. The SIM needs to be revised to include more canopy related material and the AFF instructors need to get their act in gear and teach better canopy related information. I have been brought in on more than one AFF category lesson that was dealing with canopy stuff because I understand and explain it better - and I am not an AFF instructor. As for courses... the best thing anyone can do is to take a canopy course or at least ask questions of competent people. I have seen too often someone giving advice when they don't know sh*t. Flight 1 is your best alternative, I think. I have heard a lot of complaints about Germain. Just my opinion. I jump at a very canopy paranoid DZ and it is an uphill battle for everyone looking to do more with their parachute than to use it to land after a sky jump.
  4. Hey all, I currently use my HC21 for everything from tandem videos to BASE jumping and everything in between. I have a Rawa helmet and the HC21 fits in the box perfectly. The one drawback is that it has no SD card slot. The HC32 seems to be the exact same camera as the HC21 (as far as I can tell) except that it DOES have a card slot. My question is thus: Does anyone have knowledge of the dimensions of both the cameras? I would like to buy a used HC32 and use it in my current helmet. I don't want to have to buy a new box or make any adjustments to my helmet. Any help/advice would be awesome. Corey O.
  5. I am looking at buying a 2002 Wings Birdman-2 container. It is itty bitty. I am looking at putting a small main in it, so no problems there, but I want to know who has one of these and which reserves you have in it. I know a PDr 106 will go in fine, but what about a PDr 113? Anyone have an optimum 126 in it? I am desperate for answers, so please let me know if you know. Thanks!
  6. I currently have a Mirage G3 M2 which (according to Mirage) will hold a non cross braced main from 135-150. The 150 I had in there before fit well. Then I had a Sabre2 135 in which fit fine (it was brand new mind you). Now I have a Katana 135 (with 100 jumps) in there that seems to fit tighter than the Sabre2 135 did. I want to move down to a 120 eventually and I think it should be fine in there. I want to see if anyone has done that... a 120 in an M2. Anyone? Will it be ok? Thanks.
  7. projekt9

    Mirage G3

    Just got back from a trip to Deland and Z-Hills. I took delivery of my new container while in DeLand. They arranged the rigging for me so I could drop it off Friday night and jump it the very next. This was 5 days earlier than the rig was supposed to be ready but they made it happen sooner so I could jump it while in Florida, and didn't charge me any extra! The container is beautiful, they know how to build them at Mirage. The fit is the best I could ever imagine. The people there are the greatest, they respond to you no matter how much you check up on them and are very helpful every step of the way. Go Mirage!
  8. Got my new Calavera suit today - the one with the skeleton bones, and it fits amazingly. Ed is sometimes hard to get a hold of, but he did a LOT of custom things for me without charging me an extra. On top of all of that he gave me free shipping! I paid 249 for the suit and 40 for a rush order which got here in just about 2 weeks from the time I placed my order - freaking amazing. The suit fits and feels great. I love the velcro ankles!!! The high collar with the snap off to the side looks bad ass. I can't wait to get out and jump it this weekend! Kudos to Kurupee, who makes awesome suits at a relatively cheap price!!
  9. I also recieved an email from this douche bag. Here is what he sent me, "Hi, You can have the rig without the main canopy for $1000 and I will pay all the taxes ( shipping and payment ). I`m in urgent need of money so maybe we can help eachother out here. This is the reason for selling the rig. I`m 5'8" and 180 lbs and the rig fits me great so it will definately fit you too. Where are you from and how would you want the package to be shipped ? Is FedEx ok ? Thanks Paul" I responded with an email asking him why his ad was for a vector 3 but there was a picture crappy Vector 2, and he never responded.