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  1. My buddy is telling me that right after a basic skydive course you can skysurf. I thought it was like 200 jumps for skysurfing and 500 for a wingsuit....
  2. Can't always get what you want and Paint it Black, other than those 2 songs, they fucking suck....the Beatles blow them out the watera million to one...
  3. I have all 3 game systems and a DS and PSP. The PSP sucks to be honest. Yes, you can do a lot but don't you want a gaming system. Most people do not give the credit the DS deserves. It has killed the PSP in sales. You can watch TV and go online on the DS with the right cards. Why use your PSP as a music player when you can use an iPod or something
  4. Did Morgan Freeman and Jack really jump? It looks like it.
  5. Well, the Wii can do 480p so you are wrong. Yes, the PS3 (I have both) does up to 1080p but only 2 games do true 1080p, everything else is upscaled so it is not true. As I said before the Wii is killing everything else with it fresh new way of playing. Most people think you have to wave you arms around sooooooo much. You can put as much movment into it as you want. It is also used in hospitals to help older people regain movment from strokes....not so bad anymore is it??????One more thing, you can do 1080p on component cables. You do NOT need HDMI at all even though that is what I have on my PS3. Your right that the PS3 is not even in the same ball park. Sony has not made $1 off the PS3 yet. Each month they still sell more PS2 and make money of the all the PS2 sold.....
  6. hey, graphics don't make a game buddy. I am a hardcore gamer and I can tell you are not. The Wii is blowing everything else out in sales. It sold more in less than a year than the 360 did in 2 years. The Wii is the only nex gen system. The game play is much better on the Wii.
  7. How could you not choose vanillaskygirl????????????
  8. They are in Wisconsin, they broadcast in 720p. Same with ABC since both channels show many sports, they show in 72p. NBC and CBS go out in 1080i which is not that much better...Always go with a "p" if you can, 1080p is the higest but nobody broadcast in that yet and won't for some time. That is only on Blu-ray or HD-DVD movies for now.
  9. My Burmese will eat 3 or 4 rabbits if I let him but that might be the 12 feet and 70 lbs of him talking...
  10. Well the history from driving on the left side of the road has to do with the old militarys of the past. In Britian back in the day, like castle days, the streets were very narrow. As troops marched down streets they were so close to buliding they could not pull out there swords. Since most people are right handed they marched on the left side of the road to make room for the swords. Traffic follwed there patterns and as the way of moving changed through time they stayed on the left side...