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  1. Shindig/JT - thinking of you both. Cheers my brothers.
  2. Another year has passed, still seems like it was yesterday. Peace my brothers - watch over the Poker Meet.
  3. Peace my brothers. Hope you two are staying out of trouble.
  4. Shindig - Peace my brother. Hope you and JT are keeping everything squared away.
  5. Another year has passed buddy and the memories still feel like they were yesterday. Watch out for JT up there. You two stay out of trouble!
  6. Lori - Have you seen the jump-off scores? I stepped out to lunch and might have missed them.
  7. Another year has gone by and the good times still feel like they were yesterday. Miss ya buddy. Steve, Kathee & the GT Family
  8. Shindig - Thanks for the weather this weekend. It was perfect. Hard to believe its been two years. We miss ya buddy. Steve, Kathee & the GT Family.
  9. just to add 2 two pennies as an old fart, I'm a bit surprised at some of the dialog in this thread. I'm a fan of the sport. Period. Any discipline. I find all of it to be amazing, especially at the top levels. Believe it or not, this even includes style and accuracy. Most exciting meet I've ever watched live was 2003 Women's team accuracy at the world champtionship in Gap. I'm a 4-way guy, but VFS and FF leave me with my jaw on the floor. I can't FF worth a &*%$. And don't even get my started on the beauty and difficulty of Skysurf done well, not to mention CRW (wraps? No thank you). In my view, its all good, its all harder than hell to be good at and its all a blast to watch. Perhaps this is why I love this sport so much. Steve GT
  10. what Ron said. Steve GT
  11. Life long So-cal local here. Jumped at SD, Elsinore and Perris. For skydiving, SD (vs. Boulder) is the best choice. It is also a great city to live in, albeit expensive. If you ski/ride, SD is about 6 hrs to Mammoth, and if there is local snow, about 90 mins from local snow. Its not Boulder, but not too bad.
  12. Don't post here (or is it hear??) often, but could not pass this up (feel free to flame away if covered above). Has the every popular "anyway" v. "anyways" been covered? Makes me crazy.
  13. If you are in SoCal for any period of time, you can hit Elsinore, Perris and San Diego all on the same trip. Agree with everything said about Skydive San Diego above. On a clear day, you can see the ocean from Elsinore. Don't recall ever seeing it from Perris, but Perris does have the tunnel if you want to play there. All three soCal DZ's have a great vibe, and good people. SoCal does not really have any DZ's directly on the coast. Steve GT
  14. Hard to believe its been a year. Never Forgotten, always with us. Miss ya buddy. Steve, Kathee & the GT Family.