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  1. You are blessed. Now the real fun begins. Grandkids are soooo much fun, you get to spoil them and give them back.
  2. Aren't having kids over 21 times
  3. Started jumping in 1973 with a 7TU round canopy
  4. Skydivers back in the 70's used to drop all kinds of things In 1973 about tenth jump deployed and saw something pass in front of me. knew exactly what it was. No one had mentioned that counting the shot bags after you pack was a good idea. It missed the house I opened over.
  5. Instead of "are you ready to skydive" answered by "hell yeah" It would be "jump bitch" answered by "Yes Mistress"
  6. Did you get him on the first try or did you have to make another pass to get him.
  7. I'll be there too Bill Lesman CSpenceFLY Debbie Brock DittoDog Keith Brock Jack Donovan Jaclyn Kaylor Larry Moore Mirage62 PsychoBob RoundCanopy (Bruce) tmaricle55
  8. GREAT! boogie Glad that I got to meet so many from DZ folks and to jump with a few of them. You did a 1st class job Spence
  9. Had a REALLY!!! good time at the Fritzgerald St. Pat's boogie. Got to meet alot of the Dropzoners, that was nice. Everything was 1ST class. THANKS SPENCE YOU DONE GOOD
  10. roundcanopy

    61 days.

    But I don't think the heavy stuff will come for quite sometime.
  11. When you have made streamers (wind drift indicators) on the kitchen table with copper rods, crepe paper and elmers glue.
  12. I was but had a spinning spouse malfunction and just HAD to cutaway.