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  1. ... On a full face mountain bike helmet is what I'm interested in doing. It's an HC5 and obviously it would be a top mount. Has anybody done this here? If so what have you people done and also if not any suggestion on how this could be done? I'm not interested in using a D-box. I was thinking perhaps boneheads universal camera topper combined with one of their camera straps.
  2. Any personal remarks aside Nick IS right. Go Fast was using BASE jumpers for publicity. So what? Are you people denying this? I mean come on. Was the day more about BASE jumping or more about selling a few more cans of GO Fast? It's not hard to figure out. At the same time I suppose you can say the jumpers used Go Fast to have a few free jumps. Who used who more? Go Fast for the money? Or the BASE jumpers for that extra ounce of life? What's worth more to you? Money? Moments you feel alive? Is BASE less sacred now? Is Go Fast! more extreme?
  3. Well if you stay in any of the actual campgrounds you're going to be paying upwards of $20 dollars a night for your TENT. YES that's right more than TWENTY DOLLARS for a bloody tent. Idiotic isn't it? Apparently you can camp on the northeast side of the bridge on what is known as "BLM" land for free but it's pretty barren over there. I went last month with the idea to camp and just ended up meeting somebody and wound up sharing a hotel room. Which was actually just as cheap as paying for a camping site but a lot nicer obviously and you could pack there as well if you like.
  4. Greetings I'm heading down to Twin Falls on sunday (driving from Edmonton, AB) and the plan is to camp from about the 7th to the 15 or 16th. I'm heading down there solo and was wondering if anybody else is gonna be there around that time. I imagine most people are going later for the memorial day shenanigans but if NOT and you're gonna be there earlier... i'll see you there
  5. I should be poking my head around there from the 7th to the 16th of May but I believe I will be camping also.