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  1. Just a couple pics that I thought were quite delicious. Hope your enjoying these somewhere warm...we just got 6 inches of snow in Wisconsin. Lovely.
  2. New Jumper from Wisconsin here too. Well, if the weather is jumpable this weekend I'll be considered a new jumper! Live in Madison, WI and can't wait to start up this crazy shit! Doing my AFF at AtmosphAIR in Fort Atkinson.
  3. Well now that I've got everybody all spooled up on AFF vs. Static Line....wow! Anyways, thanks to all of you for the info. I'm going with the AFF because of the freefall training and more importantly the proximity of the DZ. I can't be spending all of my time driving to the DZ...got to save some of it for jumping and going boating this summer! Thanks again to everyone. Skeet skeet ;)
  4. So I'm starting AFF this weekend with the first part of ground school and a tandem. The total cost of the AFF is $2400 which includes all instruction and 25 jumps. Am I getting beat up here or does this sound like a pretty average cost for AFF? Would I be better to do some static line? As far as time constraints I'd like to get going with the training and start jumping out of airplanes by myself! Any info appreciated. Thanks everybody and awesome website and community.
  5. Well I'm all jacked up right now so I thought I'd throw a quick post out there! I'm jumping for the first time Easter weekend! Starting the morning out with AFF ground school then jumping a tandem. (Tandems are required with the AFF school at my dropzone) Anyways.....wish me luck. Giv'er hell!