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  1. Bob Holler’s warm reach stretched well outside the skydiving realm. He spent the last month (returning to the ConUS Thursday) as a member of the BentProp expedition team searching the islands and waters of Palau for missing WWII Aircraft, working to solve the many MIA mysteries of Palau. The mission was wildly successful. Of course Bob played a tremendous role in the team’s successes not to mention what a wonderful friend and travel-mate he was to the team. Words can’t describe nor honor the man properly. BentProp is entirely volunteer driven and the adventure is on each participants own dime. An account of the month long mission as well as photos of Bob in action can be found here: In the coming days the BentStar Project web site will include a page filled with photos of Bob in Palau. BentProp is richer for having Bob as a teammate and a friend. He will be deeply and sorely missed. Bob kept saying how honored he was to be a team member, we are honored he joined the team. Eternal Blue Skies Jennifer