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  1. Also you will find that you will be mentally and physically tired after a few jumps per day. You will lose the ability to learn as much like this. Also dont try and leave it to the last weekend before your currancy runs out. What happens if its too windy/cloudy for you to jump?)
  2. sayng AADs make people less likely to look after themselves is stupid. Does wearing a seatbelt make you a reckless driver? I have an AAD as I dont know what will go wrong in a skydive. Ive trained for a lot of eventualities, thought of loads of scenarios but theres some that no matter what you do you may not be able to open your reserve, having something that MAY open it is much better than having nothing IMHO
  3. I weigh just over 150lbs without gear and was slowish to downsize (280, 240, 220, 210,190 until jump 90ish then on a 170) jumped that for 80jumps or so before going to a 150. At the same time as buying a 150 I did brian vachers safe canopy school on a 170 .. and hell I made that thing fly like ive never been able to before. Id recommend getting a 170 and getting yourself on this course (or something similar) and learn how to fly the canopy properly and you defo wont be bored of your canopy for quite a while
  4. no, its something that will save your life, seeing it(and getting it chacked by a trusted person ie a rigger) before you buy it is a must.
  5. nice post johnRich. I liked that a lot, maybe be worth posting under the safety tab?
  6. Its to make sure your freezer doesnt get too warm if you put hot food in it. Also the hot cooling down quicker/more is a myth. Still needs to take away the energy More energy = more effort Personally freezing food asap has never bothered me. Had curries out for 2-3days, froze them and had no ill effects eating them afterwards
  7. Also forgot to add that the pic has to line up with this http://www.ips.gov.uk/cps/files/ips/live/assets/documents/ips_eye_distance_template_trade_v1.pdf Only know cos i had to get a new passport this week ( £83 robbing bastards grr)
  8. i'd go for the right hand one just cos the background colour full rules here http://www.ips.gov.uk/cps/rde/xchg/ips_live/hs.xsl/36.htm Congratulations on getting a UK passport btw
  9. with only 120jumps (50 with audible) im loving the optima. I bought it as it gives me 3 warnings in freefall, 3 under canopy. L&b have an amazing reputation. Never had to call them myself but im sure if you search for them you will see how good they are (broken ones replaced for new ones etc). Personally it would be nice to know how fast i fall but not essential..plus if i find out how fast i jump...will i need to now that info again. Doing fs and trying to get into ff not yet i reckon
  10. I managed a start of a twist on a 190 (1/4 twist or something). did a right turn, lifted off the toggle and then pulled it down again ...think as a was penduluming back it took the tension off the lines which caused it to happen
  11. with just coming off my AFF, i was taught track off at 5k...pull @ 3.5k ...depending how good your track is depends on how long this will take. final approach ...start at 1k 1st turn @ 500ft second @ 300ft
  12. its not only the legs either...if your arms are asymetrical or even if your body is not straight it can induce turns...its a totally alien environment so will take soe geting used to
  13. not all people are comfortable doing 1st aid..i know of at least 2 ppl who would faint at the sight of blood, why should they go through the course knowing full well they wouldnt be comfortable helping someone, just to get their A license. Having a course for ppl to attend if they wish would be the best bet.
  14. what happens if you are entangled in your main canopy?? Ive been taught to keep on trying to get rid of an entanglement before cutting away and getting the reserve out. I think i would want as long as possible to try and clear it before the reserve opens, even if that means relying on an AAD
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMNry4PE93Y