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  1. bsbooker

    Skydive Spaceland San Marcos

    Skygod (ski-gahd): A skydiver, usually high on the drop zone totem pole, who pretends to be safety oriented, but in truth would love nothing more than to see somebody pound in for the excuse to flex his authority and chew somebody a new ass. This sport has no room for skygods. The world would be better if skygods would pull their bottom lips over their heads and swallow. My idea of a good S&TA is one who uses his skill to build up rather than tear down; one who helps you become a better and safer skydiver, not one who makes you feel stupid and insults your intelligence every chance he gets. This drop zone has no S&TA, only a bully with a rating. Fun jumpers are not welcome here. Even the tandem students are just treated like another number; dump you out at 10,000 feet, take your money, and strap up the next one. I've even heard instructors openly say "I hate fun jumpers." An AFF instructor's job is to turn students into fun jumpers. I guess after you get their money, they can go run head first into traffic. The staff members have nicknamed the current manager "Fred Flintstone" for his half evolved, neandrotholic way of doing business; using his 6'4" 300 pound stature to scare everybody into respecting him. I have spent all summer studying the sociological flaws with this place, and have determined only three ways to be treated with respect by the manager and his followers. 1) Be a highly skilled hotshot skygod. 2) Be female and not ashamed to bare it all when you're drunk. 3) Limit yourself to an eighth grade education, smoke a lot of dope, and always have something disgusting to say. If you have one or more of these three things going for you then you'll fit right in. Otherwise, you're a nobody, and they will go out of their way to let you know it. Even the non managerial staff members admit that this is the most hostile drop zone that they know of. What disappoints me most about hearing them say it is that they are aware of the problem, but don't do their parts to change it. They try to act tough as nails, but if you don't totally walk on egg shells around them, they become the most thin-skinned, sensitive crybabies that you'll ever encounter. Most of the staff members and fun jumpers (including the DZO and his wife) are some of the nicest people that you'll ever come across. I made a lot of great friends this summer. Unfortunately it only takes a couple of skid marks to turn an otherwise awesome dz into a sludge-caked stinkfest that reminds you of the discomfort you get when the doctor is exploring your nether-region. Skydive 35 south of Dallas now has a Caravan. Tell a friend.
  2. bsbooker

    Skydive The Farm

    The Farm is great. Everyone there is so friendly and respectful. Many people are drawn away by the 10 minute bus ride, but I find that I can do more jumping there than in Thomaston. Sure, you don't have to shuttle in Thomaston, but when every load is a shut down, and you can only manifest on half, it's simple math. The Farm is a safe place to swoop with 2 ponds. S&TA "Big Steve" does an excellent job keeping all jumpers flying consistant landing patterns. I bring all my friends there because tandem prices are the lowest in Georgia, and unlike other unnamed dz's (ASC!) students get exactly what they pay for with no tricks, scams, or deceptions. And since we're not on an airport, we have parties, light bonfires, shoot off fireworks, ride dirtbikes, and shoot guns (all in the name of safety).
  3. bsbooker

    Atlanta Skydiving Center

    If you are an experienced jumper, than it's a great place to jump. Most of the people are nice and the facilities are decent, not if you are a student..Two girls work manifest - the one is nice and the other on many occasions offers tandem students "extra altitude" for $10. When one student accepted and walked away and I called her out on it, she just started laughing. Almost every load exits below 12,000' because the dz is right in the flight path of Hartsfield-Jackson International in Atlanta. This isn't the dz's or the pilot's fault, but it seems sneaky and shady to offer this to a tandem student, who doesn't read an altimeter, and who almost always accepts. One of my friends had an appointment with Hans at The Farm(2 miles away) to make his first tandem jump. Seeing ASC's sign on Highway 278 reading "Skydive-turn here," he did so. When he asked manifest for Hans, they told him that Hans has gone to lunch, but go ahead and sign this wavier, and we'll get you geared up. If you jump there, work there, or even recommend it, you are taking away from our sport. Skydive The Farm is 2 miles away. DZOs Hans and Sandy Pulsen are two of the nicest people I've ever met. Plus the best rigger in the nation, Mike Gruwell, is on site for all your rigging needs. It is a safe place to swoop, because the jumpers have strict rules when it comes to landing patters. Unlike at ASC, everybody sticks to them. For more in depth info about ASC's nasty trail of deception check out