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  1. I will be there (As I have been for every Roaming DZ St. Patty`s Day Boogie). I want to reserve an RV Hook up. How do I do that?
  2. Thanatos340

    Cheapest dealer to buy Mirage G4 from?

    Try you local Rigger/Gear shop first. The personal service you generally get is usually worth more than the couple bucks you save buying online. The Best Deal is NOT always the lowest price.
  3. Thanatos340

    Multiple posts not appearing in thread count

    Another problem that started soon as the Multiple Posts started happening was that [url]This thread[/url] would not move up to the top of the Bonfire whenever someone responded to it. Also I made a single response and it posted about 10 times. The same thing happened to others about the same time.
  4. Thanatos340

    Boogie in Belize

    So basically.. What you are saying is: NO REDHEADS!!
  5. Thanatos340 enters an exciting new phase!

    First Off.. Congratz and thanks for you have done over the years. We do appreciate the place you built for us to come together. Secondly... FUCK!! We went Corporate. There go the Boobies.
  6. Thanatos340

    Do you notice change when downsizing rigs?

    Is your Profile correct that you are currently jumping a 1.53 Wingloading at 94 jumps? And you asking about downsizing further? If there is a Bounce Bingo Pool at your DZ, Can I buy a spot with your name?
  7. And I dont think most of us would. Currently, Faith is all we have to go on. I think it would be great to have independent knowledgeable 3rd party verification that the minimum safety and maintenance standards have been met. Then we at least have a chance of making an informed decision. It would do me no good at all to look at a Maintenance Log. I would not know what I am looking at. Right now, We have no chance. Trust is all we have. I trust My DZO (And Plane owner.. Two separate people) too but knowing the standards have been met would be nice. And yes, even if the report said that Bucket of bolts will fall out of the sky tomorrow, many Jumpers would still get in.
  8. Thanatos340

    Group Member Program Pros/Cons

    What does it cost you as a DZO to be a Group Member and what are the Benefits of being a Group Member?
  9. Thanatos340

    Using the media against skyride?

    Local TV stations in several States have already ran Stories/warnings. In Atlanta there have been several Different storys/warnings on Skyride. Far as a National Story on Dateline or other.. It just doesn’t effect enough people.
  10. Thanatos340

    139 boogie roll call

    I will be there (I am pretty sure Skinnyshrek will be too, and we apologize in advance for that!!)
  11. Thanatos340

    dates of dublin boogie

    Look here.
  12. Thanatos340

    WFFC Suggestions

    7. One more thing I forgot... Bring back the Official WFFC DVD. Get someone to produce it (Who can deliver in a Reasonable timeframe). Set up a Booth where people can pre order and dump footage they would like to be considered for inclusion. The marketing value of an Official DVD is Huge. Once the DVD is released it will be shown to 100`s of people that were not there and see how much fun everyone is having. They will want to be a part of the next one.
  13. Will you be able to Just pay for Slots if you dont make the break-even number of Jumps?
  14. Thanatos340

    Skydive The Farm

    Lets See.. Cheap Jumps, Great Air Craft, Beautiful Scenery (In more ways than one), Relaxed Atmosphere, Free Coaching, Two nice swoop ponds, and Huge New Hangar. The Farm has a lot going for it. The Farm is a little different than your average DZ because it is not on an Airport. It is on a secluded 55 acre Private Farm. Very Relaxed and peaceful. On most weekends they jump the Porter, Caravan and/or Otter using the Grass Runway on the property, However if it is real busy and the loads will be full, They have a nice air conditioned shuttle bus that takes Jumpers from the onsite hanger to the Plane at the airport just 3 miles away. The Landing Area at the Farm is HUGE, Level and easy to spot from the air and there are outs everywhere. Their Rental Gear is very new (Like everything at the Farm) and they have a good selection available for new Students. There are many coaches and highly experienced jumpers that will be glad to jump with you. Every Load gets 14000ft or better for $15 a jump ticket. Their Monthly $110 Boogies are another great deal. $110 get you all you can jump and a Huge Party on Saturday Night. They have a nice mix of Belly Flyers, Freefly Freaks, CRW Dogs and Pro Swoopers on a regular basis. No matter what your discipline is you will have someone to jump with and learn from. They are working on completing the Bunk house, Permanent Restrooms and Showers. It is a great place! Come out and plan on spending the weekend.