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  1. I started with AFF in September 2006, but due bad weather conditions I was not able to finish the program until April 2007. Meanwhile PCMN organized lots of activities: I went to an "equipment/landing seminar" to hear everything from AAD to accuracy tricks. The club also reminded me to pickup the course when in the springtime the weather conditions improved. I was able to start with a ground school rehearsal (incl. harness test). All without any additional costs! My jumps were recorded which made the debriefing very clear! Club members also have 24/7 access to a very supportive website. Questions are being answered very fast. The staff is very newbie friendly. The club owns several, easy to spot drop zones, in a very nice environment. The club owns 2 planes, so downtime is minimal! There is always a lot of fun going on. Disciplines like freeflying, freestyling, FS, wingsuit and swooping are practiced on all levels. For the people who don't want to waste any time with travelling, it's possible to stay overnight in the bunkhouse. Now, after being AFF graduated, I'm going to get my "A" license with PCMN, that's for sure!! Blue skies, Pieter