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  1. Thanks, that helps alot I have removed both the fuel and oil tank yesterday and cleaned them both. I have removed the carburator but didn't get around to cleaning it. Will start with that tomorrow. When I tried to remove the spark plug and air filter I noticed that there is nothing where it should be making it harder to find new parts. The guys at the spares shop could not help me with most parts. They have to order everything from JApan and it will take six weeks to arrive.
  2. Thanks for the help everyone! This is exactly the info that I hoped to get. I think if I don't have to actually open the engine I should be able to get it running! One more question. Mystery Motor Oil is something I have never heard of or seen in South Africa. I have phoned a few places now to see if they stock it but had no luck. I did sent an email to MMO to ask if they sell it here, guess I have to wait for them to respond. What is it? Do you guys know of something similair that I might be able to find this side of the ocean?
  3. Howzit guys, I have an old Yamaha scooter at home. It has been standing for about 8 years now and was driven around for at least six years without a service. I am not sure why but this idea came to me and I am now going to try and bring it back from the dead. The big challenge is I am an IT Geek and do not know much about engines and that kind of stuff. My questions are: 1. Is there something to put in the engine to help get rid of old engine oil? 2. Do you think I would have to replace the fuel lines/pipes? 3. What else is there that I might have to do to get my old skedonk back on the road? Thanks for the help! Cheers Leon
  4. Well I just discovered that Rupert & Rothschild makes some pretty decent red wine. After two bottles I feel very happY...
  5. My Dad used to jump in the military. He used to tell me stories about jumping and how much he enjoyed it. I was basically addicted before I did my first jump! About 5 years ago I started a "bucket list" with one of my buddies. We were going to do something cool every month. Problem is, the first event on our list was AFF. After that we had little money left for anything else. So our bucket list is still full of things to do...
  6. I can almost make a back flip. Maybe I should go try that diving stuff!
  7. I got my dad to jump as well and about a year later my little brother joined us. It was pretty cool having them both on the same load as me!
  8. Just did my 100th but naked, was weird, but awesome skydive. That's the way to do at out club! We did a 4way, 3 guys, a girl and we had a camera. I was the only naked one. You don't have any control up there. Glad the other guys took the right grips You have to try it!