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  1. I think the tunnels can be safe, I also know they can be unsafe. Safety is mostly about planning, building and understanding a safe plan, and sticking to it the best you can. Even better understanding PLAN B, cause we all know that things dont always go as planned. Who you jump with, where you jump, and how much is at risk will always play a factor in safety. We learn from our/others mistakes, it is what pushes the sport further. We lose alot of talented jumpers that push the sport for our learning, this loss.. also can hold the sport back!! Safety is setting a pace........
  2. You must have added the wrong link, that was just some guy flippin on a trampoline.
  3. Every input small or big should be learned at some time or another, never stick to the same position(hopefully arching/boxman first). If the plan is to hold a heading, hands may work for you(unless your body position is off), maybe more for turns, but dont bend the spine, but then later do!! HA HA HA!! Dont worry about building bad habits, try to keep your self safe!! Then after AFF you will find what works for you, after you feel comfortable, change it a little, and get a little afurther away from that comfort spot. If you feel out of control, then go back to that position that makes you comfortable. Learn to safely build power, then know when and when not to use it!) Listen to everyone!!! Then yourself.
  4. Thank you for the kind words!!! Now post some video of your sky jumps!!! JW
  5. Log cabin??? I meant "Crack House". JW
  6. Camping in the winter?? Though a log cabin sounds nice!!
  7. I would never teach carving first... static first. They would not teach a flyer to carve from back fly up into HD. I teach carving from HD(just like sit), Turns then froward movement, then add together. Static HD is the recovery to HD carving, but if you cannot stop in HD then you recover to another orientation. THIS IS A VERY VERY BAD HABIT, it should stop and control in HD. Carving on the back is important, moving in HD is important, but flyers that learn Back carving to HD takes the long road(ME!). It makes carving out facing(wind on belly) harder, and backward movement in HD harder(that is ur brakes), flyers become comfortable with wind on the back, but not the belly. I learned carving from back fly into HD first, I wished I had not!! I think Static is stability, not cross controling with wind on the back. I see lots of flyers that cannot even put their arms to their sides while in HD. I think it all is imoprtant to learn, but HD first for sure. I teach forward, backward, L/R turns, and side slides, just to learn how to sit static. Unless you like dizzy?
  8. The air in Orlando is more choppy without the air staightener (only on windy days), the wind makes the airflow shake. I dont think the turning vanes(to a re-circ) r making the air choppy. I think the vanes r so low that the air has time to compress back together and enter the chamber smooth, alot like Orlando with no air straightener on a"no wind day". I have flown in a lot of tunnels, some feel choppy when the Luvers(air intake) r cranked way open, and it is only a little choppy in a specific corner(u can really feel it when carving) I know that every tunnel feels a little different, and every day can be different. When I started flying other tunnels, after working in Orlando for like 10 yrs, the air felt strange to me also. Now, I really like the re-circ, and mainly the SPEED!!! Most people could never tell the difference in quality, they mainly notice the MPH, the temp, and if is raining or not. RIGHT!
  9. I will be at SkyVenture NH on June 22nd- til July 3rd, taking advantage of the that "Summer Madness" deal! That is unbeatable!!!
  10. That "Wind Deflector" under the door may not be helping the quality of air around the door. You may not even need it. Some tunnels opperate without them, or just one(with a two door system). If anything, try different sizes, working towards the smallest "deflector". May help keep people from falling out the door. JW
  11. Nice one Boris. Does the wind get faster? Can it do VFS? Love to see more footage!
  12. Can you feel a big difference in the changes Bowen? JW