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  1. Yeah, this would be as a last resort. In that manner it sounded like a reasonable option. Hope I never need it though. But always good to have all angles covered. At least, falling flat, back to earth, the pilot, bridle, and eventually packjob, should slide off the side. Agree that a steep angel is bad news here though. Party ´til impact!
  2. I heared an interesting technice for energency deployment, but have not tested it myself. The idea is, if you cant recover from a bad wipe out/spinn/tumble, that you can; Ball up/collapse wings, fall on your back and stream legs and arms after you and pitching in this position. To me it sounds like a reasonable out if everything goes pear shaped but i really dont know. Anyone tried/had to do this in a big suit? And does it actually work? Party ´til impact!
  3. I have to say - I am very happy with my suit, and customer service. This was ment as a question regarding possibly wrong body position not the suit itself. Very happy with PF :) Party ´til impact!
  4. talked to robert and tried to cut some of the material from the inlets but get the same result. so was wondering if there could be any other reason besides that Party ´til impact!
  5. Having a problem with a V4 where the leg ving is giving quite strong vibrations. Anyone with the same problem? Party ´til impact!
  6. Does anyone know what song is playing with the menu in Children of the Corn? Really stuck to my brain Party ´til impact!
  7. Hi, Bought airplane tickets, and was looking forward to a nice trip (all the way from Norway) until I heard that the weather is quite bad in this period...? Since I´m going mainly to get a lot of jumping done, this is quite devastating to the whole trip. Is it that bad? Good days vs bad days? Thanks for any help! Party ´til impact!
  8. Thanks. Just wondered if they had that type of "[email protected]" email or something. Prefer writing due to my "spoken english problems" I´ll give them a ring thanks again Party ´til impact!
  9. Bought a copy of "Transcending Fear" from Big Air Sportz 4 weeks ago, but still nothing. It´s an international order, but still, 4 weeks is just too long. Usually takes a bit more then a week. Emailed them twice, but no reply... Out of business...? Anyone got another way to get in touch with them then [email protected]? thanks Party ´til impact!
  10. When it comes to skydiving, my experience is limited as I am as fresh as you, but with tattoos I have a fairly long history The best advise I can give you, is don't ask for advise. What I mean is that if you don't know exactly whay you want, then wait. For it to be truly yours, it needs to be your idea to [;) It boils down to: take your time. It will come to you. Don't rush it. Love to see it when the job is done! just my 0.02 Chris Party ´til impact!
  11. Newbie question, but it came up reading Brian´s "parachute and its pilot" Is this right concerning deployment; (my understanding on what i read on G´s) Is the brake toggles set to "half effect" to create greater drag on deployment, resulting in a stronger g force witch gives increased line tension for better inflation and stability during openings? hope i´m not way out on this one... Party ´til impact!
  12. does this place in mississippi have a webpage or something like that? Won´t make it this year, but have to put it on my "things to do list" Sounds awesome! Party ´til impact!
  13. I think it´s because I, for my part, read pitch as AoA. It kind of is in a way also. But given the replies here I think I get it. So to add a question - is a there any good reason for rear riser input instead of "brakes"? If "brakes" are an option that is? Will it cause reduced air speed without so much infliction of the AoA? ....and, how serious/dangerous is a full "stall"? collapse? Party ´til impact!
  14. I´m reading "The parachute and it´s pilot" at the moment, and there is this one bit I´m having trouble to understand. Maybe someone can help me. I really want to understand what I´m reading. I I don´t there is little point reading it