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  1. ahhh mate how are ya?? did you guys get away on time? Did Pascal do all the driving ?? hahhaha Mate you guys had the best pasta award in the white house, so much better than my frozen spag bol
  2. Hey cheers Baz :) XDV, eeeevveerryone likes those shots ;) well blokes anyway
  3. Hey guys, Had heaps of shots of people they never saw so I've made a web gallery. Even the Russians in their grundies are in there in the hope they don't pull that shit again next year. I am also selling hi-res versions of the images for USD$15, basically if you want to blow up and get a shot printed you need the hi-res version for it to look good. Shoot me an email on [email protected] if you are interested otherwise enjoy. http://www.jeslim.com/jamesm/
  4. Hi guys, I'm in the South France in a town called Aiguillon, it's near Agen. Very keen to meet up with some locals. Have rig and a large array of pilot chutes ;) My email is [email protected] or PM me. I am from Australia here until the 6th of July. Merci
  5. Damn right heliboogie was awesome, great weather great people. Will put some piccies up soonish.
  6. Hey guys having major dramas finding a room in Stavanger tonight because I can't get a ferry to Lysebotn tonight. If anyone has a room and is cool with me crashing on the couch shoot me a PM or email [email protected], happy to share the room costs. Hope it's warm in Norway at night..... :|
  7. are you serious?? yeah umm he sounds just dreamy........
  8. I also was on Tom's course, I'm bit offended you think I need Tom to jump as well just so I can Hi 5 him in the landing area... I'll be honest I wasn't sure how the course would be run, being that BASE is unregulated and unstructured, Tom gave me exactly what I was after a structured well run course that covers all the things a mentor might not have time to or you might not learn about until you have done 20 jumps the wrong way. In terms of Tom not jumping with us he did make several jumps on the course and I was one of the people he was packing for instead of jumping. If I had to choose which was most beneficial out of seeing someone jump or being able to make another jump myself because that person packed a rig for me.....I think the answer is pretty obvious.
  9. I was one of the students on Tom's course, from what I saw this article will be a positive thing for BASE and Tom is dead right there are plenty of videos out there giving BASE a bad name and making jumpers look irresponsible. I spoke to the writer and the film crew quite often and I believe the piece will be not only positive but portray jumpers as responsible human beings. This can only help for legal access issues etc
  10. It's an awesome video, good work plummy and the rest. Tom can bring you one when I come over in May, if you want to wait that long...
  11. I was just there 2 weeks ago sitting in a spa at hotel nearby and looking up at the blue sky and the sandy beach right next to the perfect looking exit points dreaming.....sux they got busted.
  12. Gday Dride, I'll be in Norway fo the heliboogie and am then planning on going to France Spain and wherever else but I want to head around that area and se what ese it has to offer. I'll PM you.
  13. Im there from Australia, I know a couple of more Aussies will be going to ;)
  14. Hey mate, i work as a pro photographer and my tip would be learn the mechanics of photography so you understand what each the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO do. If it were me I would have the lowest aperture (widest hole for light to come through), a shutter speed that is fast enough to record the action without blurring (depends on how much movement there is), and then the lowest ISO possible. Higher ISO will increase grain or noise int he image but will make your sensor more sensitive which means you can use higher shutter speeds for fast motion, everything in photography is a trade off and its all about how much light is present. Also try this, stand side on to someone swooping, set to ISO 100 or less, set your shutter to about 1 second or so (in TV mode) set for neutral exposure compensation and then as a someone swoops in keep him in dead center of frame for the full one second the shutter is open, you might want to experiment with faster shutter speeds as well. good luck!