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  1. if you made a rib bias constructed, it would have to be made out of 2 or more pices of fabric. a bolt of fabric is only something like 60 -65 '' wide. take a rib that is 10 feet long and then lay it across the fabric on the bias and you will see wahat i mean. early strong tandem mains actually were (are) bias constructed ribs.
  2. thats because para flite invented it Elek Puskas was the patent holder.
  3. the nb6/nb8 was a pilot emergency parachute,intended only for emergency escape from an aircraft in distress .there were no d rings to attach a reserve because it(the nb6/nb8) WAS a reserve so to speak."Sport Jumpers " as you put it , are making intentional jumps from aircraft and use a main parachute AND a reserve which,would require a set of d rings on the front of the harness to attach a chest reserve(Unless you are using a piggy back which is a rig specifically made for sport jumping. on a piggy back(or tandem as they used to be called)the main and reserve are both on the back.) the chest packs were equally useless as they did not have their own harness. personally if cooper was jumper it would make more sense to me for him to have used the sport main because it had" d " rings on the harness.
  4. "if the main fails he's gotta cutaway".... ummm the nb6/nb8 harness container does NOT have canopy releases, so not an option ..
  5. Joe Smith,theres a name i havent heard in eons.
  6. i understand there was a directive from GQ security years and years ago that basically said all their products 20 years and older were to be taken out of service,or something to that effect. can someone post it for me . no its not anything to do with the acid mesh debacle.
  7. must be someone who worked for Steve Snyder!!!!LOL
  8. I remember Dave very well. back in 1963 or 64 he landed on my dads property(adjacent to the dz) and broke his ankle. Dad was so upset,because he thought he was gonna be sued by one of them crazy skydivers.get well Dave!
  9. dumstuntzz

    mk 2000

    the military version had a microchip in it so ,it actually was a "smart' aad.there were many problems w/the chips right from the beginning,.
  10. it all depends on the "blue ball factor"'
  11. interesting post. you also bring up a point i hadnt thought of "suppose he got both chutes out?" that would drastically affet his drift and throw his probable landing zone off.
  12. it is true. any pioneer 3 or 4 pin sport container i have seen has that marking on the bottom flap.it always struck me as odd because the markings were not required per se, but i guess pioneer wanted to cover their butts. if any of you old timers have seen a pioneer 28' LoPo main from the 60's, you would also note that pioneer marked those as TSO C23b.odd for a main parachute,since it wasnt required.(never saw it on a para-commander that i can recall tho)
  13. Gas was cheap back then and you could drive to seattle and back for less than $18.how far is to seattle? gas back then was about $.29 a gallon or thereabouts