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  1. It's 300 jumps or at least a coach rating The TI needs to have at least 100 tandem jumps as well. It's in the Instructor Manual in the tandem section. My dropzone's policy is 500.
  2. I think USPA asks for 500.
  3. Fixed it for you markovwgti.
  4. Why not go directly to the horse's mouth? It's a great book!
  5. jee

    Backsliding advice?

    Hey Jairo, Thanks for the tips. This is exactly what I was looking for. A way to get your body to do something using an alternative thought. I will be on the next load to try it out! I am going to the tunnel soon in Orlando. I bought 5 hours with a friend that we intend to use up in 2 or 3 weekends. If you know or can refer a good coach I am open to suggestions.
  6. Ahhh.... I think you accidently forgot about Brian Germain. He does an excellent canopy control course as well. Much more in depth if you ask me.
  7. for thought I guess. That would possibly put a few dropzones out of the student buisness since there are at least a few that I know of that use only Sabre 2's for AFF.
  8. The plastic PVC pipe thing not only is more difficult to grab it also looks ridiculous even on a student rig. IMHO "I need" something different than a Home Depot special. There was an incident not too long ago at my dropzone where somebody got their finger stuck in the pipe and had a malfunction. Go figure.
  9. jee

    Backsliding advice?

    I am having difficulty getting my head back in a sit. I have a coach and all of that but I just can't seem to make that simple move. Of course with my head forward my hips are back and well.....I backslide. Not like a rocket or anything but enough to make a difference. Of course when I try to go forward my feet end up coming up and then my head goes forward and my hips go back and the cycle begins again. Any suggestions or advice? The freeflying discipline isn't anywhere near as easy as some people make it look.
  10. The only add on extra that you need is: - leather hackey or monkey fist - RSL or Skyhook - possibly a hook knife Any thing else is basically for personal comfort or are aesthetic.
  11. Really? Why not? I say don't buy used unless you're on a tight budget that forces you to buy used. If you can afford it buy new. This is unbelievable. Two people actually agree with me. This calls for a celebration. OMFG.
  12. But if they can afford to do both, go for it. Exactly. And being military he doesn't need to wipe his "arse" with bills to afford it. He can probably buy new gear for what some of us would have to pay for good used gear.
  13. Oops!! Of course I was using the term "he" in the non gender specific sense. That's very cool. Thank you. The more girls the better.