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  1. Legs

    Christian Skydivers

    Cheers Di With love in Christ
  2. Legs

    Christian Skydivers

    The Christian Skydivers Association site doesn't look very interactive....or active for that matter So I have e-mailed Ron on CSA website to see if I can join, even happy to put a link onto the FB group. I understand anyone who doesnt want to get into the Facebook revoloution....it does sometimes take too much time up But it is good for people with similar outlooks to be able to find each other...so they know they're not alone out there. I thought there was only 3 of us in the UK.....but I am learning. With love in Christ
  3. Legs

    Christian Skydivers

    Hi Guys /Girls I have just done a search, but the newest info on Christian skydiving groups was back in 2005. I have set up a facebook group for those interested in keeping in touch with other Skydiving Christians. Here : http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=10539684726 All welcome
  4. On the whole I like your post.......however, if people have the right to post and question then others have the right to reply. Some peoples reply may not be (in your judgement) the best way of responding. However as you say "read the sticky". If you don't like some of (the standard) replies then don't post. If you have any questions about this please ask your instructor With love in Christ
  5. Yes, anyone from B license upwards can take on this role. But its usually the most experienced regular (Not TI's with customer). With love in Christ
  6. At times, for the most part it is set and announced on the flight line before the ride to altitude by the Jump master, or DZ contoll. If there are students in the air, most DZ's Ive jumped at have an arrow on the ground showing the landing direction. Saying that, there is always the monkey who decides to land in the oppposite direction and those who follow. With love in Christ
  7. 1.: always 2.: because I have to 3.: my instructors 4.: from my first jump. 2. you don't have too. But your answer ' because you have to' is a heckuva a reason. 3. I did'nt get trained by instructors on how/when to use a hooknife. Can you help me out here and relay what your instructors taught you about the use of a hooknife? In the UK every certified Skydiver has to carry a hooknife. BPA ops manual. With love in Christ
  8. but you didn't just get in a tunnel....you saw an instructor...exactly the advice given. but I understand that it is good to compare experiences with peers, but this cannot be compared to instruction. With love in Christ
  9. Congratulations!!!!! Welcome to the life Do you live close to Weston? You'll have to visit us at Hinton some time.......see you at a DZ soon With love in Christ
  10. when we write our issues down on a forum it is sometimes not evident what our specific issue is.....such as "when to flare?" is my problem depth perception, flaring early, late, stalling the canopy ect The only response can be "talk to your instructors" because they can see your landings and diagnose the issues you are having in person. I believe this piece of advice to be one of the most sensible given on any forum. With love in Christ
  11. Your right these guys do have lots of jumps and are "like schools" But ranting and being angry isnt gonna make them help you. If you were to ask "where did I go wrong with that answer?" or "How would you have answered this?". It may have got a productive response. There are some great articles out there regarding flare and stall points of canopies. Just gotta search for them. There's some here for starters http://www.dropzone.com/safety/Canopy_Control/index.shtml With love in Christ
  12. That first freefall during RAPS is one of my all time most axillerating jumps. There will be similar moments jumping your own pack job for the first time first unstable exit Cat 8 qualifying Jump ect ect These are the jumps that motivate us to move on in the sport. Enjoy that feeling...use it to prepare...have a great jump
  13. 130 jumps Canopy - Spectre 210 Wingloaded at 1.14 With love in Christ
  14. Hi You registered on here in 2005, assuming this was when you started skydiving, your doing about 100 jumps per year. In the UK the average jump cost is £20, your spending £2000 per annum (+kit costs) on jumping. Why does the BPA membership (£150) worry you? Its a relatively small percentage. If you were to jump on holiday only...what third party insurance will you buy? How much will it cost? I am sure it will be comparable as BPA membership which will give you the flexibility to jump in the UK if you wish. Should you give it up? What do you want me to say? If you want. Yeah stop jumping. Put your rig in a cupboard, don't go to a dz for a month. I don't know about you but Id go stir crazy...... Good luck with your decision. With love in Christ
  15. Well at least he took the rap for it I hope he bought the beers With love in Christ