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  1. Oh hey! I'm trying to win this so I can get my picture on the cover of the Rolling Stone. Just kidding, it's the cover of my tattoo shop's 2015 Pin Up Calendar (Chroma Collective Tattoo Co). Take a second to 'like' the picture if you're into that kind of thing. I dont always post on here, but when I do, it's because I love you. xoxo...sneak peak from the shoot attached! Stomper's fine. Last time I posted on here was because my cat's nose looked like it was falling off...but don't worry - he's great!
  2. And I got teased for bring a stuffed pink stingray back from Key West for my Sophie. ETA: And a sombrero gorgeous kitty!!!
  3. The white skin sounds like sloughing tissue, it may need to be removed. Note to all NOT google "sloughing tissue" eyes are bleeding
  4. Just an old fashioned bowl by his food dish and he has his own cup that he drinks out of on the bedside table...and he drinks from the bathtub faucet too
  5. Glad to hear it is not serious. If you have any trouble medicating him there is a one time injection of antibiotics called Convenia, that lasts up to two weeks and actually works better than oral antibiotics. Good to know! He's definitely getting more and more ornery each time a dose comes. The area itself seems to be turning almost white around the that on par with getting better?
  6. Great news that it's something that should clear up!! Phew!! Send him some get well lovin' and chin scratches from me and Sophia Lucia!! MEOW! PS - Good luck if his antibiotics are pills. Hopefully it's the liquid stuff you squirt down his little throat. Thanks for the love!! He is getting lots of hugs & scratches :) And thank goodness they gave me the option between pills & liquid, because I chose liquid for that exact reason. Although, he's definitely on to me. Turned his nose up at the food I mixed it in with and also at the milk it was mixed with. So, I guess he prefers the hard way!
  7. ah, yes I forgot to mention that he loves hookers & cocaine. probably picked something up from one of his vices
  8. Thanks so much for the input folks!! I didn't do ER and instead just waited for the vet appt on Monday morning since he seemed to be acting fine (including eating and drinking). Diagnosed as what may have started as a burn (if-y at best) but regardless, whatever it was just got really infected, so the fat man is on a round on antibiotics now. Should clear up by Friday & if not, we are going back :) Again, thank you for all the insight.
  9. I never post on here, so pardon that...but when it comes to Stomp I've gotta do what I can before bringing him to the animal ER. The four pics are the progress of his nose since Friday. We have a vet appt at 940a tomorrow but wondering if this is ER worthy since it keeps escalating. On Friday I noticed his nose was red and agitated...when he tried to drink water he would take one sip and then shake his head almost like he was agitated. At lunch I put A&D on it, by 6p he was still messing with in and then 630 it peeled to the flesh in the 2nd pic. All day Saturday stayed the same and then today it progressed to the last two pics...the 4th was taken about 45 minutes ago. He has been drinking water and eating; there have been two bouts of dry heaving (one about 4 days ago and one right after the scab came off this evening around 45 minutes ago), but no vomit. Any help is appreciated. Thank you skyfamily!
  10. Anyone out there?! I go to Hofstra and need my reserve repacked so I can try and make it to the DZ next Saturday!! I can make the drive sometime this week to drop it off.... :) -jen
  11. Hey what's up guys... I know it's few and far between that I post on here but I figured I'd reach out to the skydiving community for some help. My name's Jen Myers and my home dz is Gold Coast... This may seem random, but here it goes: During the school year I go to Hofstra University in New York, but I am coming home for a few weeks this summer (come Wednesday). Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone is looking for a part-time worker to do any type of odd jobs like office work, errands, etc. I need to try and find a way to rake in some dough so that I don't have to start selling my body on the street corner (which, by the way, I have no interest in doing). I have office, bartending, and sales experience. If this appeals to anyone please contact me here on the forum by private message or feel free to email me at [email protected] Thanks!!!!!! blue skies
  12. Ok, so I'm sitting here at work and I'm very happy to have I do marketing and when I send out emails I like to have a little variation in the closing statement. What do yall recommend? Best? Regards? Best regards? give me some new ones!
  13. umm i don't know his user name. His name is Brian Myers...I'm unsure if he posts or just browses on here but he jumps at GC. -jen