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  1. Diveguy3

    Mirage G3

    My name is Dave and my skydiving background is pretty simple. I have been actively skydiving for 3+ years and have around 1200 jumps. Most of my skydiving for the past two years has been as an AFF instructor. In these three years I have owned a lot of gear. I have owned 8 containers. Four of them were/are Mirages and I have loved each one. I have owned other major brand container systems when downsizing or to just try other manufacturers' latest and greatest product to see if it is better than what I already have. I can own any brand I want. Mr. Pennington summed this philosophy up best in one of his canopy reviews when he stated that he has no ass to kiss nor ax to grind. Same here. The major brands on the market are all of very good quality and reputation. With today's selection it is basically up to the customer to decide what he or she is looking for. I personally keep going back to Mirages. The biggest thing that keeps me in Mirages is the amazing customer support and service that the Mirage folks extend to the customer. I have visited the Mirage factory twice. In both visits I was made to feel extremely welcome despite just showing up with no notice from North Carolina. All of my questions have always been entertained. This includes the myriad of silly questions that one thinks up on rainy non-jumping days. No matter how trivial, Mirage has taken the question seriously and always gotten me an answer. The most interesting thing I need to note about this company is the confidence that they have in their product. In all the times that I have spoken with Mirage personnel (about 50+ emails, conversations and 12+ hours hanging around in the shop), they have never, not even once, said a single thing bad about another manufacturer's product. It is a classy company that obviously does not have to impress someone by taking down another product. Unfortunately, I can not say the same about another rig manufacturer. It is too bad because they have one of the more popular systems on the market. The guys at Mirage have gone through great lengths to make my rigs fit well. It amazes me how comfortable they are. If I had any doubt at all about the sizing or fit they would do a correction on the spot! They did this for me twice. Once in the shop and once through the mail in under a week. I can go on for days about the customer service and dedication that Mirage is committed to. In a nutshell: 1. The Mirage is an extremely well thought out rig. 2. Mirage stands behind their product. 3. Mirage goes out of their way to treat a customer with dignity and respect. 4. Mirage goes to great extremes to ensure that the product is right. 5. Mirage does not have to bad mouth other manufaturers' products to build trust or confidence in their product. Very adult. Dave Kiedaisch