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  1. skydive minden just opened...Other than that theres nothing to jump here! And there is only like 20 plus jumpers in the area! edit for site names/locations ~TA
  2. I did not take Miles's FJC but, if there is anyone considering a FJC, I would look know further. Miles is an awesome athlete, and an all around fun guy, totally dedicated to the sport and its progression. Your money would be well spent taking his course.
  3. Heinzel went stowed, no prob, and yeah with a lil bit of forward speed those things open quick. Im callin the Kwood 200, more like 300, and gappin a couple of rocks he was 80 ft plus away from the wall on opening! goinin
  4. You know who you are! Hittin Up Kirkwood exit tomorrow! Conditions should be perfect with plenty of snow and no expected wind!. Bring tarps for packin contact me or SLambo for more info!
  5. talked to there PR department. After much consideration it would be disrespectful to base jump off it, as it encompasses sacreed grounds!
  6. Hey Guys and girls, Since there has been know snow, or very little to speak of at Lovers, we have been scouting for new exit points near Kirkwood. While there was much shoveling involved 2 of us got a jump built at a 200ish ft cliff. The rock toss was about 5 sec. with a steep 40 degree talas below. "C.F. Huckens" opened the new exit at approx 5p.m. yesterday with no winds, hand held 42", .5 sec delay with a 15 sec canopy ride. If he would landed down hill he might have had a 30 sec ride. With snow in the forcast, this exit point should be good to go for another couple of weeks. Get a hold of me if you are interested!
  7. Uhhhhhhhh...... Hey people, by selling someone a rig your only giving them a piece of the puzzle. Unless they are going to do rollovers or tards that newbie is going to have to have someone pack it for them. I bought a rig a couple of years ago when I had no experience or clue on how to pack, did I just throw it in the container and huck it! No, you idiots, I wasnt trying to die, I was trying to live, and I received mentoring from people that where willing to pack and mentor me. If people want to kill themselves they wouldnt waste their money on a rig. Think about it, there are to many rules, and your not their mommy or daddy. Quite worrying about other people, and worry about yourself! Whiners!
  8. igobiggest


    Falcons are nesting and rangers are all over the leap, stay away you dont want to jump there anyway. I will provide photos and scouting reports soon. There is no need to come down her, and actually there is a mud slide currrently blocking highway 50. Will have some cromies building in the next couple of days, buy tickets from Jt, 530-583-6669
  9. igobiggest

    Reno locals

    Slambo, and I will take you out for some fun, but we suck and almost get arrested or die every time we jump but...