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  1. The following is taken from Warrior Soul: Memoir of a Navy Seal, by Chuck Pfarrer, Random House, page 5. He opens his book by telling an anecdote about his last jump, from a 727. Boarding the plane, he notes:
  2. Ever wonder why they don't release the actual recording of the cockpit voice recorder from UAL93? It was played only for the victims' families, and even they suspected it had been tampered with.
  3. But what if the hijackers weren't who we think they are? What if they're someone else who doesn't want to die? However, I'd like this thread to stick just to the theoretical possibility of parachuting out of a 757/767. I've posted a more "political" treatment of this issue on the Speakers section of the Forum. Those who want to delve into a more fleshed-out description of the scenario I'm talking about can go there.
  4. I am a 9/11 researcher and of course the scenario I am looking into involves the four flights that were hijacked on 9/11. Note: I am not a "conspiracy theorist" and I am only interested in scenarios that can be supported by science and the known facts. My research, and that of many others, has led me to believe that the planes on 9/11 were indeed hijacked by real people, but those people were not the Arabs who were accused by the government. No Arab group had the means, nor the motive to pull off such a highly synchronized, sophisticated attack. Furthermore, the fallout from the 9/11 attack has been an absolute disaster for the Arab world in general, as we can see from what is happening in Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, etc. My research, mostly into the records of the phone calls made from the planes, shows that the hijackers were armed with guns as well as knives. This indicates a sophisticated operation, with inside connections at the three airports involved-- all of which had their security operations contracted out to the same Israeli firm. My scenario: The hijackers were Israeli (Mossad) commandos who assumed the stolen identities of various Arabs and boarded the planes with those identities. The surveillance video of them doing so mysteriously disappeared, probably with the help of the same Israeli firm mentioned above. The commandos are dark skinned, as many Israelis are, and look like "Arabs" to the average American. The hijacking commences when one of the hijackers pulls a gun and shoots both pilots. The other "Arab" hijackers then pull their knives and start stabbing people and in every way display themselves as "Arab fanatics." The passengers are herded to the backs of the planes, where they are allowed-- even encouraged-- to make phone calls reporting to the rest of the world of this "Arab" hijacking. In this way, Arabs and Muslims the world over are framed for 9/11, and the American people are enraged enough to permit their government to engage in wars against Muslim countries-- which have the effect of benefitting Israel more than anyone else. The one problem with this scenario: Israelis are not know to do suicide attacks. Which led me to wonder, did they? There is only one way to get off a moving plane alive, and that is with a parachute. I went back and re-examined the records of the phone calls; I found nothing proving the hijackers were still on the planes in the last 10-15 minutes of the flights. That led me to come to dropzone, to get the perspective of people well acquainted with the art of parachuting. If you're interested in reading a more detailed account of this theory, go here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/4190
  5. The same "trained professionals", that would perform this task, have been hired as security advisors to prevent this from occurring. Overall, if someone on this forum could explain how to do it, the same scenario has been considered by the airline industry in order to prevent it. As for A-train, I'd like to know more specifics about your scenario.. are these "trained professionals" hijackers? Should they be able to escape without being noticed? Can they kill someone to achieve their goal? Some info here would be nice
  6. Among the various Boeing/Douglas/Lockheed/Airbus airliners, only the 727 and the DC-9 and its later variants have such a hatch at the rear - bottom. The 727 could be opened in flight until D.B. Cooper's escapade, now there are interlocks to prevent anyone from being able to open it in flight. The 727 opening was for the purpose of providing stairs for passengers to board, the DC-9 opening was only for emergency escape purposes, and first involves releasing the tail cone structure. Perris' plane of course flies without the tail cone. I don't know measures were also taken to prevent a DC-9 door from being operated post-D.B Cooper. Your statement seems to be contradicted by this attachment. (page 4) http://www.boeing.com/commercial/airports/arff/arff767.pdf Note the "equipment access door" just behind the front landing gear door. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. Thank you for all the thoughtful comments and insights. I can conclude that it is next to impossible to skyjump from the cockpit window. Now let me ask a revised version of the same question. How about jumping from the escape hatch located at the bottom of the fuselage of the same plane? You would be jumping straight down out of the plane, with no chance therefore to hit the wings. Here is a photo of the escape hatch I am referring to: http://home.earthlink.net/~aerocon/airstair/Aerocon%20Crew%20Ladder%202p.jpg
  8. No, but I'm researching if others may have done something like that.
  9. Here is a link to a photo of the cockpit: http://us.airliners.net/photos/middle/2/4/1/0685142.jpg
  10. I am a newcomer to this forum and have never skyjumped. I have been doing research into elite commando operations, and have this question: Is it conceivable possible to successfully jump out of the side cockpit window of a Boeing 757, given that the plane is slowed down to less than 200 knots, and at an altitude below 10,000 feet? Or would the wings or fuselage clip the jumper on his way down? Here is a diagram of the plane I am talking about. Note the distance from the cockpit window to the bottom of the fuselage is no more than about ten feet: http://www.757.org.uk/spec/images/fuse1.gif Note I am not asking if this jump would be fun or advisable, only if it would be possible for trained professionals. Thank you!