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  1. I always wanted to replicate the gypsy moths scene with multiple canopies out and I got the chance one day. I didn't have many choices as to gear so I planned with what I could scrounge: MC1, pioneer 26' lo po and a couple of K20's. Figuring out attachment points, deployment sequence, spot, etc. I thought I had pretty much covered everything... Pulled the MC1 ripcord, got a sweet, slow deployment. Opened my chest reserve and tossed the 26ft lopo to the was surprising how fast it blossomed! took my foot up. Managed to get it out of the lines and went for the first K20, took it out and tossed it. Again, a really fast opening. Now, I had three canopies out and every canopy wanted to fly it's way...26' going this way, 22ft K20 going another way and the MC1 collapsing and inflating alternately! Scary s**t! Had the other K20 on my hands but was just looking up to see the zoo I had and every now and then looking to my altimeter to see how much did I have to deal/survive this. After sometime, when I got lower -what could possibly go wrong?- I released the fourth canopy. Obviously, only stream around the dz, never knew about it until that day, and my cluster starts going that point it was like Yes, whatever! Pushed on one of the main risers and drifted a little bit, landing softly maybe 10ft from the stream. Talk about dumb things you do in winter when it's too cold to go full altitude! Happy landings to all! Rafa
  2. Skydive Colombia and Edgar Narvaez are organizing a boogie in Bogota, Colombia. Lots of airplanes including a DC-3. There'll be LO's for all disciplines. Check facebook for macondo boogie
  3. AnalMike DrDive Happychick & Jim Lady Diver Monkycndo NWFlyer Pattersd Shell666 SuperDean & Stephanie TallGuy manchuso
  4. drdive Ladydiver Pattersd madjohn monkycndo rafael Might bring some more friends this time... Happy landings, Rafael
  5. Hi Jim, Thank you! Hydraulic reefing sounded as so much mumbo jumbo until I saw your pics and video... ...and now I want a Volplane! Happy landings, Rafael
  6. The few times I got serious line twists (with altitude) I got into deep brakes as fast as I could. Even falling backwards the canopy would stop and start flying level. Then with a little toggle input I´d get out the line twist in no time... Happy landings, Rafael
  7. Wanna bet? Oh he´s right Vader, just not talking about you
  8. I jumped a Nano 126 at Lost Prairie (as a main) and I can say the opening was brisk. Nice flying and a surprisingly strong flare. Nice! Happy landings, Rafael
  9. Contact Edgar Narvaez Happy landings, Rafael
  10. The Uruguayan crew (myself) will be there Happy landings, Rafael
  11. Got my flight tickets! Krisanne I will be arriving to PHX sunday 10am so we could go to Eloy together. I just need to buy a warm sleeping bag at the nearest walmart and I´m ready Happy landings, Rafael
  12. Last saturday I celebrated 22 years in the sport jumping my PZ-81 for the first time. Happy landings, Rafael PS: I´m still looking for a double keel...
  13. Have to decide wether to build or buy 5 sets of minirisers. No need of hard housings. Is there anyone interested in selling? Paypal, delivery in the US Happy landings, Rafael
  14. United rescheduled my flight so I´ll be arriving at Missoula next friday 4pm, missing the bus to Kalispell by 10 someone going to LP from Missoula, Bozeman or else who could pick me up? Happy landings, Rafael