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  1. Just wondering what is a good canopy to learn how to swoop with. Is a sabre 2 loaded 2 1.4:1 a good place to start?
  2. I am not certain due to the fact that I am beginning to learn to swoop. However, I would think that with greter speed you would have to use less toggle input once in a straight glide path and more as the flight slowed.
  3. I am not talking about the recovery ARC I am referring to the glide path of the canopy and will it stay in a straight glide path without any toggle input of rear riser input. If so, does the speed cause this and with more speed I presume that the glide would be further.
  4. If you come out of 90 or 180 and finish your recovery arch two feet above the ground will you have to put in riser input or toggle input to stay at that height. What I am asking is, will the canopy want to stay in a straight glide path due to speed, for lets say the first 50 ft or so?
  5. using the front riser increases your speed and keeps the canopy more under your head. bailing out of a front riser turn will cause your canopy to recover quicker than if you use your toggle or rear risers.
  6. Is it more dangerous to make a toggle turn to gain speed closer to the ground than a riser and if so, why?
  7. Or a beter ? would be,should you break to pulll out your swoop or wouldyou get a better swoop out of one that plane out on its own?
  8. Do you have to ride a swoop out or can you flare to get out of it if you realize you are too close to the ground?