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  2. blueskies81

    Skydive The Farm

    What can I say? "The Farm" is my home away from home on the weekends now. In December, while visiting family in Florida, I did my first tandem at Z-Hills. When I returned home I researched dropzones to see where I should attend my AFF. Located in Fort Payne Al I had a few choices relatively the same distance. I emailed several dropzones and got a honest response from Hans, the DZO. I called "The Farm" and Han's answered. He was very friendly and did not sound like a buisness man on the phone. I settled on the $1599 A-license package. It is a 25 jump package including ground school, all my AFFs, coach jumps, and equipment rental. I left work on a Friday evening and made it to "The Farm" late evening. Everyone was at a restauraunt eating. I called Han's and he gave me directions. From the time I walked in the restauraunt and got my first impression of owner Han's and his wife Sandy I was very impressed. It was a very comforting atmosphere considering the next day I would be jumping for the first time with my own parachute and these were the people that were responsible for my saftey. I have made 24 jumps since. The DZ is a great place to stay. Leave your tents at home. There is a bunk house and several fold out couches to sleep on. The night life is alot of fun. They have a bus that they will load up to go out to eat. It is alway nice to have a DD. It is a VERY friendly DZ. The staff is very courtious, professional, and saftey oriented. The experienced jumpers are friendly and always willing to give a helping hand to a newcomer like myself. Mike Gruwell, the South East Regional Director of the USPA, is the owner of CHUTING STAR rigging loft. I will trust his pack jump any day. He has already saved my life once on my lucky # 13 jump. Save #212. Check his site out The DZ is also very dog friendly. If you have a four legged friend that behaves around children and other dogs then bring them with you. Everyone can come and play. I will be sad to move to Florida in the winter for my new job. However, I will make it a point to visit "The Farm" every year. Whether you are an experienced jumper or a newcomer to the sport, give "The Farm" a shot. I promise you won't be disapointed! See you sometime soon. Blue Skies!