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  1. One more thing....if I forget to Pull and die....blame Hilary Clinton...she drives me crazy Swoop and Poop....my favorite things to photograph
  2. You blame the person with the gun and that person alone...they chose to perform the act. To blame anyone/anything else is another act of this society not wanting to take responsibility for one's own actions. Many of us grew up in this same society, everyone gets teased, and the VAST majority of us have never shot anyone. This guy was a loon. Many thoughts and prayers to those lost and those affected by this tragedy. Swoop and Poop....my favorite things to photograph
  3. I just did my first balloon jump...what a fun rush, but all it does is make me think about BASE jumping and how much more wild it must be. On what level, if even in the same realm, would you BASE jumpers actually compare a hot air balloon jump to a BASE jump? (of any height) 10x more nuts?, 100x? 1000x?.....not even close to being similar? Just wondering if balloon jumps can prep me at all for for the feeling when you first step off of a bridge, cliff, etc. Thanks! Swoop and Poop....my favorite things to photograph
  4. What if that food was never donated, and 5 people were to suffer and die of starvation? Swoop and Poop....my favorite things to photograph
  5. Have you bothered to study the alliance between Germany and Iraq during WWII? Germany's alliance was to itself. Their attack on Russia proves that. Swoop and Poop....my favorite things to photograph
  6. To answer all of the questions about my posts: 1. The US's presence in the war was vital to Germany's loss. And controlling Western Europe was far more important to Germany than controlling the East. So in terms of winning, Germany was at that point in time. 2. Had the US not entered the war, the outcome may have been different and its possible that we could be living in a world today run by Germany. 3. Had Germany won, our present day conflicts with the middle east would be very different because Nazi Germany's lack of acceptance of people with colored skin, jews, etc. They would have most likely conquered it years ago and killed off the people. These are all just thoughts and no way of proving it b/c the allies won the war. I was just trying to related it back to the original post and that didn't work so well. The whole WW2 part was way off base of the original posting as well. I don't even remember how it got started, but it was interesting. I appreciate all of the talk back and forth b/c has kept me busy at work while I have been recovering from a nice hangover. Blue Skies! James Swoop and Poop....my favorite things to photograph
  7. Fine, prove to me the first line of your post. When did the US declare war on the Germans? The US originally declared war on Japan (an ally of Germany) as soon as they were bombed at Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941. Germany actually declared war with the US a few days later. Over the next few years Germany had almost complete control of western europe. June 6, 1944 Normandy was stormed in order to take back W. Europe and therefore, putting a lot more pressure on the country winning the war...yes Germany. Swoop and Poop....my favorite things to photograph
  8. I love that line...even better is when people actually believe it too. Please enlighten me about WW 2 then. I would really love your un-researched ideas. Swoop and Poop....my favorite things to photograph
  9. And, which tyranical dictators has the US taken care off? How many tyranical dictators has the US supported? Ever heard of Hitler? Yes, he committed suicide in his bunker just before it was overrun by RUSSIAN troops. The US supported Somoza, Marcos, Pinochet, Saddam Hussein, and the Shah, among others. WW 2 would have been lost without the US. So don't try to feed me the bull. If the US didn't get involved we would all most likely be living in a very different world run by Nazi Germany. The US put tons of pressure on Hitler and therefore couldn't have enough forces to carry out a sound attack on Russia (they performed a very stupid attack on them instead). In addition, the middle east....you think there would be any sort of tender feelings towards the people and their awful ways? No, they would be gone from the planet because of their skin color. Hitler and followers wouldn't risk lives. They would drop bombs over the whole region and call it a day. Swoop and Poop....my favorite things to photograph
  10. Ok, I'll be happy to. 1) You're wrong. Was Iraq in a civil war prior to 2003? No. Was Iraq run by a dictator?...yes...does this limit the rights of human beings in terms of freedom?...yes 2) Was there suicide bombings prior to 2003? No. Not sure this is totally true (there are a lot more since the invasion), but the mere fact that the people are willing to do it still shows a lack of care about the lives of others. BTW, the US does not promote it nor does the US have it happening on a daily basis in their country and the hope is that one day the people whom believe in suicide bombings are done in good faith will realize there is nothing good about killing innocent people. (I also hope that the US can stop killing innocent civilians as well when they perform their attacks...I truly think it is awful) Where did America earn the right to physically force democracy throughout the world? Is that equality? Democracy even?? If any country poses a threat to the US or its allies, , they have the right to stop the threat (or attempt to stop the threat) as does every country. At that point it is a kill or be killed situation. (this should be the last resort if talks among the countries can't resolve the situation) Is hitting urban areas full of women and children and some bad guys with indiscriminate Multiple Launched Rocket Systems and Cobra gunships civilised? (see above....I do not condone this type of act) I witnessed that. (I am sorry you had to witness death in that way) Was the lack of action when Iraqi forces crumbled good policy? When the people looted everything they could? Including the numerous, well stocked ammo compounds, good policy? The ammunitition currently being used by the militia's today. The US's foreign policy in Iraq was not planned out as well as it could have, and now the US has dug itself into what seems a large hole, but is that worse than letting the region be as it was under the rule of a terrible man? Its a tough question, but I think ousting Saddam was a good move, but should have been thought through a little deeper. Pretty fucking insane in my book. I witnessed that too. Stopped a tiny little bit of it as well. Insisted more effort made to stop and prevent it. But no - literally fuck all was done. Lack of a leadership element there, eh? In fact, the entire fucking moral leadership component never existed, did it? Leadership is difficult to handle when you were never allowed it previously. A better foreign policy won't necessarily solve all the problems. But it seems you think all this is 'just the way it is.' Which is what I perceive to be an outrageous attitude. Iraq is beyond saving - it's fucked for years to come. I don't think Iraq is beyond saving. That could have been easily avoided. Shall I bring up Afghanistan? It's working out well over there too...... I don't live in denial - I witness fucking idiocy all over the world. I'd like it to stop. The world is full of idiots and full of people who will disagree with each other. The best we can do is try to work between the lines and try to promote a common understanding. IN addition, using the F word to express your ideas did not add any support to your comments, but actually took away from them. Just a small word of advice, but your comments are appreciated. Swoop and Poop....my favorite things to photograph
  11. And, which tyranical dictators has the US taken care off? How many tyranical dictators has the US supported? Ever heard of Hitler? Swoop and Poop....my favorite things to photograph
  12. You are in complete denial of the fact that you think a "better foreign policy" will solve all of the problems. Let me guess your foreign policy idea is "can't we all just get along?" It is not reality. Choosing the lesser of two evils is life. All human beings have aspects that will be considered evil by others (which translates into the governments), therefore you are forced to choose which is the lesser of the evils among your candidates. In the current case, the talk has been about the Middle East. You can choose to have chaos (which existed in the region far before the US arrived), total lack of respect for innocent lives and inequality OR you can choose the lesser evil that in the end looks towards life without suicide bombings, equality for everyone and gives hope to those people who at the current juncture do not have any sort of say in the way their lives are run. (in other words- DEMOCRACY and a civilized way of living) ....now please comment and disagree with me. Swoop and Poop....my favorite things to photograph
  13. There will never be a government without corruption because governments are made of men and there will always be corrupt men. "Of two evils we must always choose the least." Thomas a Kempis If you feel that we are not the least evil ... It has nothing to do with hreater or lesser evils. More to do with more intelligent forgein policy application. That is BS...stop living in denial Swoop and Poop....my favorite things to photograph
  14. Hmmm... Perhaps. But what I think the article misses is that India & China's economies are tied to serving the demands of North America & Europe. In effect these economies are being fed from the first-world fat. Can North America and Europe survive without offshore call centres, cheap clothing, textiles & consumer goods? I think the answer wold be a slightly uncomfortable Yes. Can India & China continue to thrive as they have without "First World" trade surpluses? I think that's a very definite No. Mike. This is a great point! In the media we here about people/countries complaining about the US and our power and influence in the rest of the world, but we could end the globalization idea and do everything within our own borders and survive while still maintaining our military and worldwide superiority. Then what would the rest of the world be saying? "Please come back and SAVE us" or "The US left us with our thumbs up our butts" People can complain all they want about the US, but in the end, you all need us and we don't NEED you. (but eventually the US will topple, but not yet....) PS. The UK will always be our brothers and is there for the long haul Swoop and Poop....my favorite things to photograph
  15. This is happening in plenty of places in other forms. Suicide bombings, rapes, murders. A country's culture and laws are not to be questioned over a couple random psychos. Every country has them and none of them are good representations of what the majority of the people believe in who were brought up by the same laws. Some people are just plain bad. Nuff said. PS. I enjoy my right to own guns. Swoop and Poop....my favorite things to photograph