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  1. Usually you have a few choices, pay it and it will affect your insurance in most cases, or take it to court. Some states will allow you to talk to the prosecutor and most of the time (depending on you record) they will reduce a first time ticket to a non moving violation such as headlights being out or in my case the bumper being too tall. Some of the time you have to resort to getting an attorney. I would definately not just pay it if you don't want your insurance to go up!
  2. How about an FAQ thread. Compile all the information in one easy to use thread. I like reading FAQ's. Saves me from asking and alot of my OWN valuable time searching through unrelated threads and posts.
  3. I just torn my ACL 2 weeks ago on a hot landing. I skidded in on my butt and my foot grabbed the grass. Had the MRI done and it clearly shows a torn ACL. Doc said it was complete. I see the surgeon on May 1. My question to everyone is how long did it take you to get back in the air? Has anyone continued to jump with a torn ACL without having it fixed? I torn my left ACL in August 1994 (tore everything else also) and had it reconstructed. I had a second surgery with that one in Oct to clean up scar tissue and was downhill skiing by december. When I did that one, I wasn't able to walk because of so much damage (and my foot liked to turn around backwards). This time I can walk but I have to pay attention because it likes to buckle out from under me and that hurts! Surgery has changed since my last time so I wanted to pick everyone else's brain. I'm definately getting it fixed because I really like to be active but I would like some info on other's injuries and how long it takes to get back in the air!!!!!
  4. Can anyone tell me if there is a tunnel anywhere near Tacoma, WA? My husband and I just moved here and would like some more tunnel time. (we got spoined in the tunnel at Eloy). We both jump but would like to do more tunnel time. Tammy
  5. Be real careful and make sure you know and trust your vet. Also make sure the dog needs it before you do it. We owned a bassett hound that was 7. She had been going to the same vet for at least 6 of those years. The vet suggested that Lady get her teeth cleaned. On Friday, July 6, we took her in. She was extremely drugged when we brought her home that evening. Sat and Sun followed with her still not acting the way she normally did. Monday morning she went outside to her favorite spot and went to sleep. She never woke up. Be very careful. It was really hard losing our dog because of a teeth cleaning!