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  1. ...never thought of using the closing pin
  2. We actually took one, adding a bit of our own custom modifications to our preference, to a local metal fabricator & had 100 custom tooled from harder steel. *personally don't like round end & sharp groove edges sometimes catches cord, so had it modified enough to hold cord in place & these don't bend. Costs = just pennies ! We have quite few cypress line (finger trapped), cords premade, so always have a few ready to go, for years to come & give to students we've taught to Pro Pack &/or other Staff Tandem Packers
  3. You are indeed, a chivalrous man & TI, dear sir.. ...its crazy how Packers & Pilots are so frequently denied appreciation... its refreshing to hear when someone favorably acknowledges us, especially a TI... rarely a student does, so thank you
  4. I keep a back up supply of 5-6, handy, as well... nothing worse on a slamming 150 tandems /day, turning King Air hot loads with 16 rigs, 9 TIs & only 3 Packers...when power tool loop stretches. Also like you say, so much faster...
  5. Been together since 1st night we met nearly 10 years ago, took turns staying at each others home, then got our own place together 1 year later, married 3 years after that...coming up on 6th wedding anniversary
  6. I have an Original Pack Boy, with "Pack Boy" engraved on the steel. It was given to me by my instructor (now husband), when I learned to pack, 10 years ago. It was given to him by his good friend "Tony Rapasky", who died a short time later on a jump. It is the best 'power tool' I've ever used, but have retired it for sentimental reasons. ~BSBD Tony~
  7. Power tools...absolutely a Packer's best friend ! I was a Lead Packer for 8 seasons (now only for hub, if dz falls behind, teach students). I've over 10,000 tandem packs (Strong & Vector/Sigma) & at least that many in student & up jumper packs. Vector Sigma Tandem rigs per mfg. reqs. closing can only be done w/ a power tool. Sport rigs or for those who would rather modify their closing loops; possibly jeopardizing their openings because they can't close with pull up cord or their own ability, a power tool will solve those issues...its also faster. They also lessen wear & friction on the closing loop. I (my hub, as well) teach Pro packing to new students, lending a power tool to them, to learn to use it properly. Once they have successfully packed & jumped their own pack, they receive their own congrats/grad, power tool....we then have to teach them how to finger trap cypress line to make their own cords. I have, but would rather close w/ one...& I do wear them around my neck. When Staff Packing up to 40 tandem rigs/day, w/ allowance for an occasional jump in between, it is much 'safer' & convenient keeping it around the neck, than lying on the floor to lose track of...more importantly to entangle or snag fabric or gear. You can't keep them in a pocket...beyond multiple contorted body positioning, using most appendages, needed to pack especially tandems, not real smart to keep a sharp steel object where your body meets fabric. I do Remove Before Flight, however ! * they are also beneficial for removing tightly knotted, broken rubber bands...rather than some packers I've seen leaving a scissors or other cutting tool lying on the packing floor, or those who would rather just add a 'new' one around the broken one
  8. Not too disimiliar to yours.... except I had about 40 bikers behind me that convinced me that getting splattered with some chaw at 85 mph was getting irritating.
  9. BIGUN: Funny you say that "Who's stronger, me or you ?" There were a few times I opened that drawer & had a stare down with that unopened pack I'm now curious: "what was the trigger to quit" ? Mine: riding Harley 70 mph & had the annoying 'tickle' (didn't have the smoker's cough yet). I couldn't clear my throat. You know how hard it is to cough into the wind 70mph ? Duh, that would be like attempting to cough in free fall -
  10. Good for you I'm closing in on 4 months w/out a puff
  11. skygypsie


    ...doing daily putzing & household chores; with the tv on, when news broke of 1st tower being hit & watched as 2nd tower was hit. I stayed glued to the news/tv the rest of the day as the rest of of the day's terror & horror unfolded...concerned for my son in law's safety, who worked for Chicago Board of Trade, wondering if Sears Tower would also be hit... 'Hubby' had just completed 1st jump course the weekend before, held off dz. He was rigging up for his 1st jump-S/L when the skies were closed !
  12. #1) a few days after we 1st me #2) a couple years after we have been together #3) a couple years ago ....& it is still working
  13. No doubt in the beginning many eye rolls & the: "I wonder what's in it for him (her)...?" and the: "...wonder how long this will last....?" However, to those family/friends who wondered & now know us well, we're just another couple... ...anyone else, it really doesn't matter