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  1. Hey Ian, Try flying from SA!!! I am so jealous of all the insane comps you guys have in the States!!! Have fun man Chris Teague Chris Teague
  2. I think it was flown by Michael Beeden of NZL. It looked pretty sick and he did well on it. Chris Teague
  3. Been on a Luigi course so early on in your career!!! Wish I could have said the same!!! The technique you are talking about is designed for high performance canopies. On slightly bigger canopies this approach will be very tricky as they are not as agile. I think the fact that you are consistently doing double fronts and having fast and far landings is the perfect place to be building up to mastering other manoeuvres. I guess by going on Luigi's course you are way on track! Another swooper is being born... Chris Teague
  4. It doesnt seem the line burn type at all which why we confused - looks almost as if someone has ashed on it and not necessarily just the tail. The canopy was purchased about 9 months ago so not to certain if its the new material. Sounds like Frost is the guy to speak to. Thanks Chris Teague
  5. Speaking about the highly modified JVX... a fellow swooper at our dropzone is a big JVX fan in between many Velo's and has just over 100 jumps on his new full sail material version. He has started getting little holes all over the top skip. Is this usual for that material? Some people reckon its the material and others reckon its the RDS? He is in contact with the manufacturer but wondered if this has happened before? Chris Teague
  6. Hi Stu, Did anyone ever email you the full results for the US nationals - cant find em anywhere and would like to check the results. Chris Teague
  7. This is at Pretoria Skydiving Club South Africa where the world meet is being held next month. Chris Teague
  8. That long already, thanks for the update
  9. Hi there, Excuse my ignorance guys but I'm based down in South Africa and we dont get all the cool news. What is the Sensei based on? How many cells does it have? How does it differ from the Velo or JVX's. Is it a competition canopy? Sorry for all the questions but I love reading about new toys! Chris