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  1. It’s been a long time thought I’d stop by and take a look today. Love you brother
  2. Another year... Miss you! The kids still take turns sleeping with "Uncle Tommys dog" A stuffed bulldog...
  3. Was just thinking about Tommy and thought I'd come to the site... Love that this is all still here and that it is still looked at by some!!! Happy New Year and be safe...
  4. I haven't been here in sometime... My god it really hurts to re-read through these pages. I'm so grateful to you all for keeping this thread going, for continuing to keep and share your memories of my brother and for continuing to let him and everyone know just how special, loved and missed he is. I truly believe this would be so overwhelming to him (in the best of ways)!!! From Tommy, myself and our family... Happy Holidays, Enjoy Every Moment and Be Safe. We look forward to continue hearing from you all!!!
  5. This is really great of all of you. I can't tell you all what it means to me and my family to see how much Tommy was loved!!! I just PayPaled over a donation, hope it helps some. Also, please let me know when this will all be available and how our family can get ahold of some copies. The DVD their putting together for this weekend would be great too! Anything else I could do to help... Just let me know. -Kevin
  6. Tommy's birth date is April 5th 1975. How much do you need for this and how could my family get a copy/copies of this?
  7. Hello everyone out there... everywhere. My name is Kevin, one of Tommy's brothers. Dave (our older brother) and I, as well as others in our family, have been visiting the forum today and I'd like to thank everyone for the kind words being expressed here. It's very comforting to see just how loved he is and how he'll be missed by so many. We love the stories, memories and photos that have been posted and hope to read and see more. I can't really articulate everything I'd like at this time... I guess I just wanted thank everyone for the caring and love you all gave and continue to give to our brother. Thank You to everyone and please be safe. -Kevin