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  1. my late brother cliffs birthday was 9/26/1966
  2. I jumped with Cliff somewhere in northern Cali on 8/20/05. Cliff recorded the footage but he never worked on it or sent me my jump footage because he started law school the next week. does anybody know if cliff mentioned the drop zone or the location of the video?.........
  3. Thank you Frank for that picture of cliff. if you have any more please send them.
  4. I remember when i was 15 there was this guy at my high school who was bothering me. When I told Cliff and our cousin Craig they both said "well how can this person continue to harass you with both his legs broken." I was glad to have an older brother willing to kick someones ass for me
  5. THANKYOU EVERYONE including russ and vick for posting pictures of Cliff. please keep them comming.
  6. This is Cliff's youngest sister Brandie. Thank you all for your comments on Cliffy (he will hate me calling him that). He was an AWESOME big brother to me. I have scattered memories of him being there is a 15 year gap between us, but Cliff always was a wonderful brother. I was fortunate enough to go out and visit him Summer 2005 where I took my first (and only) jump. He told me that I should do the T+ 13,000 feet because the 9,000 foot jump would not be worth it. He shared his passion with everyone around him. It was an amazing experience and I am glad I had the chance to share it with him. It is hard for everyone in his life to deal with this devastating news. We are all broken up over what tragically took him from us. It isnt fair. Everyone he touched throughout his lifetime was blessed to know him. I will miss him dearly. His death is still very shocking to us all. We are all crying over what happened. I myself am in disbeleif. Like many of you I have called his phone to hear his voice which only made me cry. I wanted him to answer it. I want him to call. I want it to be a mistake that it was not him but in the same case I wouldnt want ANY other families to be gong through what Cliff's family and friends are going through. Thank you all who knew Cliff and shared about him. I learned some more things about him- qualities that I now realize I shared with him so thank you all for giving me that peice of my brother back. And unfortunatly, accidents happen, so to everyone who shares the passion of skydiving like Cliff did, please be careful up there.
  7. Kristin, this is Clifford's youngest sister Brandie. I would like to thank you for trying to save my beloved brothers life. He meant a lot to all of us and sadly, accidents happen. It is times like these when we have to stand by each other for support.