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  1. Simon (sfc), I finally got the Cliff Memorial video to play thanx to bsplayer. OMG (oh my god) I'm still hysterical & I can't stop crying. This video is awesome. I thought the tears had stopped, boy was I wrong. After seeing your video I totally lost it again. I saved it to my PC & hope that when ever I need to see Cliff I can go there & see it again & again & again. You did a GREAT job. Thank you sooooooooooooo much. You deserve props for this. I only wish Cliff was here to see it too! Cliff's Cousin Cindy
  2. Packerbarbie, I'm Cliff's cousin cindy. If you go to the bonfire site Condolences for Cliff Heller you can post this note there. I'm sure there are many people who can provide all the photo's & more than you may possibly need. There are alot of people that have already posted pic's & video's of Cliff. I'n not sure many people have read this thread.
  3. SFC, I must be a moron I can't get the video to play. It goes to windows media player but nothing turns on. All I get is that damn little hour glass "HELP"
  4. Jen, The memorial (tribute) you did for Cliff was awesome. I looked at the pic's & they're beautiful. Is there any way I could get a copy of the video you're talking about? My thoughts & prayers are with you. PLEASE keep in touch with me. You are truly a wonderful person. Meeting you under the circumstances that we meet weren't ideal. What I can see you are a sweet & caring individual who truly loved my cousin Cliff & I know those feelings were mutual. It's going to take a long, long time before your pain eases, but know that you are in my thoughts & prayers. Love, Cousin Cindy XOXOXO
  5. Skyshark, Cliff's cousin Cindy here. What beautiful pictures. Missing man formation - Thank you all, especially Jenn for a touching tribute to Cliff. I'm sure he's watching over you & the girls right now. Blue Skies Cliff I'll always love you & miss you too. Most of all I'll always remember you.
  6. Michelle, Thank you for your words of support. It's been 12 days since Cliff has passed unto the wild blue yonder (12/30/06). It doesn;t seem like it's getting any easier. I know eventually as time goes by it will. But for now, lets just say I wish it was December 29th, 2006. The memorial service held Sunday 1/7/07 was a tribute to Cliff. Not that what I'm going to say will make it any easier but how many people "DIE" doing what they truly love? At least it wasn't a lingering illness no tubes, no hospitals etc. All I can say is he was way to young to leave us. Cliff's Cousin Cindy
  7. Gwen, Hi I'm Cliff's cousin Cindy. Thank you soooo much for the beautiful pic's of Cliff. Anyone else out there have any pic's of Cliff please post them. Cousin Cindy
  8. My Dearest Jen, There is no need to explain yourself. As part of Cliff's family "WE" knew what you meant. There was no malice in your words. We all Love (loved) Cliff & always will. You his "True Love" needn't explain anything to anyone who truly knew him. PLEASE keep in touch & be well. I've been thinking about you constantly since meeting you on Sunday. You and the girls will be in my thoughts & prayers. Love, Cousin Cindy
  9. Hi, I'm Cliff Heller's cousin Cindy. I want to make a donation too. I want to mail a check. Can you send me the address to mail a check & let me know how to make the check out (to who), My personal e-mail address is: [email protected] I think what you are doing is WONDERFUL!!
  10. Jason, I am Cliff's cousin Cindy & I have been trying to see this video you have of Cliff. I logged in got a screen name & password it takes me to the site but there is no way for me to get this video to play. What do I have to do once I'm on & on the actual cliff site there?
  11. Dearest, Sweetest, Wonderful FRIEND & new Cousin Marco, Keep smiling, you are so loved by this family. Can't wait for you to come back to NY for some "FUN" and good times. Love Ya, Cousin Cindy (aka formally known as CRAZY Cousin Cindy)XOXOXO
  12. Marco, I now am known as Cousin Cindy (I dropped the CRAZY). You also inherited a slew of cousins, my son Michael, my sister Sherry & of course "ME". The memorial service was a true tribute to Cliff. He would have been proud of us. Aside from meeting you & adding you to "our family" I also had the pleasue of meeting the beautiful Jen, Aviva, Alex, & quite a few other special people in Cliff's short life. Even Cliff's law professor Tobias showed up. It was wonderful seeing the turnout for my cousin Cliff, heartfelt but wonderful just the same. Jen, I'm so so sorry that this is how I had to meet you. I know as we all do the Cliff truly loved you (no doubt about it). It's times like these that bring us all closer together & truly make us family. I hope we can keep this thread going for a long time. I don't want anyone to ever forget Cliff (there is no way anyone who knew Cliff could actually forget him, he left an impression on almost everyone he met).
  13. I just went on the incident part of dropzone & under fatality Eloy 30 December is a detailed account of how this happened to Cliff & Jay too. Jay is alive unfortunately my cousin Cliff isn't. If anyone wants to know the particulars (how the canopy's collided etc,) just go there and read the account(s). My heart aches, my eyes tear in fact I'm still crying hysterically @ times. This one is going to take a long, long time before the pain eases. Cliff "I Love You" Cousin Cindy XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXXOXOXOXOX Rest in Peace
  14. Kristen, No one blames your husband for what happened. It was an "ACCIDENT" and an accident is just that, an accident (it wasn't planned). As one of Cliff's family members I can assure you no one in Cliff's family blames anyone (especially Jay). Be well & I hope Jay is coming along. Cliff's Cousin cindy
  15. Brandice & to All Who are Reading these postings of "Cliff Heller" You have me smile, cry, laugh, cry, smile laugh & cry again. It is wonderful that all of you have such special memories about my cousin Cliff. This has to be the hardest death I've dealth with in my entire life (I'm 52). Even my parents passing wasn't this hard on me, they were much older. Their deaths weren't TRAGIC. Cliffs passing into the wild blue yonder has made such an impact on everyone. It was a horrible accident that I don't think anyone who knew Cliff though he would go out this way. I only hope his passing will kept others from having that same fateful accident. We were all be blessed by Cliff's friendship. Keep these posts coming, I look forward to hearing more & more about my cousin from many different people in his life besides our family. Cousin Cindy P.S. Miss you more than words can ever say I love you XOXOXOXO