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  1. thanks cathy, for being there, for sharing your pics, for writing this and for being a part of our lives. xo, Vicky feel free to keep in touch.
  2. Cliff, you weird, offensive, hilarious bastard oh. this gets me. so right you are. and yet...like jen has written somewhere, he and i never argued (well - after we stopped living 4 feet apart from each other on the second floor of 646 davis ave). i think he reserved his softer side for me. : ) sister, vicky included is a pic of him, not being offensive!
  3. oh marco - i can't wait to see you. i should have said 11 (instead of 2:40) xo. once again, to everyone - i just want to express how greatly appreciated ALL your words are. i'm so exhausted. full of grief. full of loss. and these words....the good, the bad and the ugly about my brother, make me laugh, bring me to tears and hopefully will make me laugh after the pain subsides. oh god - the pain will ease, won't it? kristen, honey - there is no fault finding. thank you for writing. be well, live fully, and be greatful. give my best to jay - and a speedy recovery. love cliff's sister, vicky
  4. hello all. i'm cliff's sister, vicky. i want to say thank you to all of you that have been sending your love and condolences. but even more so, to those of you that wrote on who my brother was to you. my younger brother russ and i have been reading and weeping. and has been cathardic in some way. the pictures and videos - keep em coming. i have not been able to watch any video yet - too painful, but i will when i'm ready. we are experiencing the most tremendous of loss here...words are not enough. i hope to see some of you on sunday, if you can make it. please don't hesitate. all are welcome. and please introduce yourself! marc - 12/12. you're in. aviva - please get in touch with me. jen has my number. take care everyone and be well. and most of all - tell the people you love - that you love them!!! ~vicky