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  1. Steve Stewart passed Oct 19, ALS. Steve was well known in the Midwest in the 70s and 80s, operating Waynesville Skysports. He designed the Stewart Systems Sweethog H/C, and along with his late wife Janie ran the Richmond Boogie. He was one of the good ones.
  2. Mirage also has it. I use one, with the attachment placed on the appex of the pilot chute, so no immediate inflation for me. been using this set up for 16 years...
  3. Carl Hilker passed away this week at age 81. Midwest jumpers might remember Carl best as Captain Koolaid, flying jumpers in DC3s. Another unique individual, pilot, mechanic, jumper.
  4. Bob Martin passed away on Feb 6 at age 93. He was the chief pilot for Frontier Skydivers in the Buffalo, NY area in the 60s and 70s. He taught a lot to a bunch of us kids - in the plane and around the bonfire.
  5. Sorry to hear that. Ken Wiechec, D-2628. I learned a lot from him when I started jumping at Grafton in 1970.
  6. It looked scary from the plane, too. I don't think I ever brought the 180 down faster than on that jump. Great feeling when I saw Ben walking out of the woods!
  7. This looks a bit more reasonable
  8. I agree - -just didn't know it at the time!
  9. Here is a picture of Howard taken in the late 70s at the Mansfield, MA DZ.
  10. The 180 was 2213C. Last I knew Kevin McCole owned it, but that was long ago.
  11. Sorry, no course this year - I will be traveling for my real job for the six of the next eight weeks, and after that it will be jumping season.
  12. Hello Howard: Java, NY was Gift of Wings Arcade was Wyoming County Frontier was at Akron, NY for a long time in the 70s In OH, there was Grafton, and a DZ called Telstar(?) near Mansfield for a few years in the 70s
  13. Does anyone know if this guy is a jumper or active in jumping in any way other than scamming? It seems strange that he would continue to operate in this manner for so long. I have his street address in Palmdale, so he doesn't appear to be concerned about being caught, prosecuted, punished. I am the jumper PhreeZone originally made this post for - I have bought and sold on DZ in the past with no problems. I would hate to start going to COD, send to the drop zone, etc. methods to buy gear.
  14. I would go with this spray nozzle...,2933,588369,00.html?test=latestnews
  15. Bad ground. Check the wire from the battery to the body/frame, particularly where the wire terminal contacts the body - disconnect and clean the terminal and the area around the bolt where contact is made. Also make sure the connection to the battery is clean and tight.