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  1. One big factor that hasn't been mentioned is when USPA required its group member DZs to separate high-performance landings from standard landings by either space (separate landing areas) or time (separate passes). In the late 2000s and early 2010s, collisions in the pattern could account for 25% of a year's fatalities (and they often occurred two at a time). Those have virtually disappeared.
  2. Parachutist ran an article on barotrauma in July:
  3. If you look in the Election Issue (October issue) of Parachutist, each board member's bio includes a line for jumps in the past year. Some chose not to answer, but most did.
  4. If you look at the incident reports in Parachutist, you'll see that "helmet" is one of the gear items reported.
  5. This article might help. It covers a lot of the info you're looking for.
  6. Parachutist printed an article on hard openings in the September 2013 issue, which you can access here
  7. Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld wrote a six-part series on 4-way for Parachutist that is available online. Here's the first installment: Parts 2 through 6 are also available on the same site.
  8. Here's an article Parachutist printed a few years ago: In it, a number of accomplished skydivers talk about parenthood and jumping and how they've dealt with some of the issues involved.
  9. They're available on USPA's Facebook page. There are four or five albums of covers in the photos section.
  10. USPA/Parachutist's event listings:
  11. The photo, taken by Peter Learmonth at Skydive Hollister, appeared in the July 2011 Parachutist. The aircraft was a B-17 Flying Fortress. There's no link to the image though Parachutist Online.
  12. It's by Jim Fischer, A-62069, St. Louis Park, Minnesota. The name dropped off after the change of fonts and it wasn't caught at the proofs. Correction to run in the next issue.