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  1. I can't see bobbin retainer. It seems that you have missing part problem. Check part no 103013 in parts book. Rotational (movement) distance between positioning finger (bracket) and case seem good to me. You need enough space for threads with knot on them. If it's too narrow you will have breaking threads problem.
  2. Negative? This event was from Thursday to Sunday, competition until Saturday evening. There was some rain on Friday. As long the competition was going people was busy competing there, after Saturday night they were having a hangover after the party or just leaving. We got only 2 flights with Alex. C'mon Gabi, you can make all your competition jumps for one day... So, you have 3 more jumping days for fun
  3. Mr-B

    New PF Ripoff?

    hm, if you looking for similarity you will certainly find them... but simply your claims are not true... V4 and Venom aswell have some solutions unseen by other manufacturers... this suits have huge differences in comparison with any suit available in market today... including old line up of PF suite... maybe you need a little bit more experience to find out important suite differences...
  4. I can't see point of this discussion... Different pilot prefer different flying technique and performance... What I wont to say... Airbus can fly faster that some military aircraft but I rather choose this little responsive fuckers Short and clear- What is most important for my? It's Flying!!! And how I feel about... @Deniq: Hey pale... I thinking about to visit Gransee ;-)))
  5. You know Pergar Bozidar got a nickname Zeppelin for some reason. Gabi, he say "try to beat" ;-)))
  6. short video...
  7. C'mon Jarno... I'm already fucked... I expecting surgery- not skydiving injury... But I will be fine for 3rd WS boogie in Hungary See you there maybe?
  8. sorry guys, Branislav not gonna make it... have lot of fun and long flights guys... hope I will catch you soon... looking forward for photo and vid's... cheers- Branislav
  9. hm... wine testing, partying, baloon jumping, possibility for A jumping I'm IN