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  1. Is it really that hard to use protection?..after i injured myself last year after a cliffstrike..i use protection all the time from top to toe..before i injured myself, i didn`t use anything at all..that was my wakeupcall..
  2. No they don`t do anything...the only purpose is to look cool
  3. norbase


    It depends where in Norway you hitting..places like kjerag have lots of weather,changes all the time.. but if you traveling further north eks.romsdalen..there will be less weather and more bigwalls(more hikes), may is money in the bank..august-oktober are also god months, and the snow is long 2006 we could jump almost thrue the hole year
  4. pm from unclecharlie95
  5. Damn it!! i send a order 3 weeks ago for a new a PFpantz and now this happens..
  6. It`s even more now..color coding is the most important thing in BASE, specially in kjerag..and if the jump aren`t`s never happen..
  7. This canopy is designed for terminaljumps only, not for slider off stuff..the canopy also have a shorter lifetime(200 jumps or so)..packing volum is 25% less(2 sizes smaller)than a TrollDW I can see the positive by using this rig in...norway,switzerland..italia...long hike and bigwall.. I do mostly bigwalljumps and know how it is to carry lots of gear on a long hike... "re:JT: I am not a hater, not saying your gonna die, can't even think of any specific reason not to give it a shot. just not going straight for it." I guess Atair have tryit out before they selling their gear...
  8. More intelligent prose from 1072! Once again, I am stunned at the wisdom and eloquence of your words but let me ask you, what kind of "brake" would you like?!?! Would you like a disc brake or a drum brake? Deep brake or shallow brake? Maybe a Jake Brake is what you are after? There is break chord and there are brake lines so before you go slamming shit that you don’t have to read please learn to communicate in proper English. Thanks in advance P.S.- I think you meant "no one" but I could be wrong. haha..good one
  9. I think they have put it to production..they have struggling with they website for updating..But if you drop a mail to i`m sure you got a answer.. good luck!!
  10. I have thinking about buying the same canopy, 25% reduction of packvolum and weight is great..i have take a look/see on this Hybrid rig..i like the shape of it, but i don`t like the pin cover`s to "fluffy"..maybe it`s a bit stiffer in parapack.. I consider the new He rig from`s stripped from everything..
  11. norbase


    The mountains are for free!! if you bother doing the hike..
  12. TARD from 102 feet? do you know the size of the canopy this person jump? i haven`t tried, but i think my troll285 will given me a fit to start fly on this height.. I only have a hotmail adress, so i can`t see this movies.. I have try to get in touch with this guy who filmed my first jump on this bridge..but i haven`t managed to contacted him yet..