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  1. I have cutaway in a diving spinning line twist Mal, with my arms and legs unzipped, after fighting the canopy for a few. I don't have an RSL. I was flying a Freak 2 with a triathlon. If you cutaway while spinning on your back just be prepared to unintentionally do a flip or 2 after cutting away. I would just say relax and let it happen, give some arch and you should stabilize. I didn't have a problem getting to my handles with my unzipped arm wings, and I didn't feel unstable when I pulled my reserve. If you are unzipped you just need to think of the chance that your handles will be covered, and fix it. Ive never cutaway with a zipped wing suit so I cant comment on that.

    Aura 3

    The comical thing is no one here ever catches a hint of sarcasm. Dorkzone. Carry on.

    Aura 3

    hahahhahahahahahah you work for phoenix fly. They also have good marketing. And make good suits. I still dont know what is so funny. Maybe thats why some people refer to me as Brick.

    Aura 3

    Skeptical? Squirrel is an aerospace company, comparable to Boeing except with no motor. Seriously though, its super easy. Its just to customize your leading edge stiffness, basically. I have not messed with my Freak2, but I played with the thick and skinny foam in my C2, I liked the smaller foam better for BASE for ease at pull time. The CRace suits have thicker, stiffer foam for performance. You should not worry about it, the design is top notch.
  5. You can add tracking to that list...
  6. BASE does not "require" 200 jumps first. Thats whats so great about the sport, its not regulated by an association or anything. But for the dude asking the question, its a very smart idea to do a bunch of skyjumps with your wingsuit before you take it in the mountains.
  7. Sounds like a pretty bad reason to give up something, if you love it.


    If I ever tried to make a trailer for a show I would take more care in making it for one thing. And I wouldnt advertise it falsly to potential sponsors. But guess what man? Im not making a fucking trailer! Just cus you are a critic doesnt mean you have to make a similar product.


    OK now I have to say something. I almost feel like showing something like this to the public could actually be worse for the sport. Not only is the editing bad, but the interviews are terrible. The show doesnt catch the interest of the viewer at all. "Man, wingsuiting and the people who do it are pretty boring." The show is advertised on and describes the show as having the "worlds best wingsuit pilots." Funny thing is, I dont see people like Julian, Robi, Jokke, Loic, Espen and the like in the trailer. I know some of the people on the show as well, and im not bad mouthing them. But all-in-all, I just cant see how this would be good for the sport at all.
  10. Hey Pete, Doing ok here. Im off tonight, being a nerd in front of my computer... Looking forward to flying my v3 with ya for sure, cant wait to get up to speed on my new machine!
  11. Thats good info. Ive seen some of your posts already on these boards. I never said that going higher was no big deal. If it is possible to jump above 30 and below 40 without pressure breathing, I was posting to see if anyone on these forums had experience with it. You seem to. I have read of people jumping from 38000 from a balloon using civilian gear. Obviously cost and weather are just 2 factors that play into doing something like that. I assume that it is rarely done then because people do not want to take the risk and spend the money. And have the experience to do it. Just something that interests me. Thanks for the advice.
  12. yup, you are right. Totally read that wrong. Sorry man. My bad. It is pretty well documented I know. But mostly from 30,000. Then there is always the stratos missions that never happen. My bad dude. I actually have a lifted Tacoma too haha.