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  1. AAC is my first tunnel I've started to fly. I spend about 20 hrs in that place. I've learned a lot of things, thanks to John and Keith. And yeah, no walls - huge challenge. But ton of fan also. What I figured later, when I tried enclosed tunnels - my AAC experience kicks ass. I need to get there again, my swing to paragliding took me away from bodyflying a little. I am 250 lbs and AAC tunnel is capable to blow me away like a feather. Even without bulky suit. Believe me, that tunnel is far more powerful than it seems like.
  2. Don't worry, planet will be fine, that we are who fucked...
  3. Well, have you seen this? I recommend. http://www.dianahsieh.com/blog/uploaded_images/immigration-764383.jpg
  4. It is, actually, CHANTIX... I've tried to quit twice. First time it was 5 years ago and I quit cold turkey after 20 years of smoking. Did not smoke for year and half. Second time I quit exactly 2 month ago with that thing. Tried cold turkey again and could not handle it. With Chantix it was relatively easy. It is really suppresses all nicotine cravings and helps to quit. I was taking that thing for 4 weeks only, stopped to take it only because I started to forget to take it and I still have 1 standard of that thing left. I'd say go for it. But remember, mental readiness is a must. Carr's reading is a bullshit.
  5. Yeah, it depends. I agree with Ian. There are free Windows (asp.net) based CMS (Content Management System) that are fully customizable and relatively easy to use after that.
  6. The launch was awesome! I was watching that on live webcast in HD.
  7. Same with me. If I need to pass, I go to left lane and pass, than return back. I just do not understand people who's hanging in left lane and all others have to pass that moron from the right. Shouldn't it be a clear sign to that driver that whatever he/she is doing is "little" wrong. Even though that driver goes with speed limit. That kind of drivers I am talking about.
  8. Yeah. Believe it or not, but I am freaking serious. I can go just a half a mile faster than you, but still within a posted limit and you will block my way. Believe it or not, but because of such type of assholes who do not follow simple right-of-way rules and trying to prove that they are so cool and don't give a shit about others, we all have a VERY interesting reading in this forum, but in Incidents section. I do not see the difference between behavior on the road and behavior in the sky or somewhere else. If people don't care, they don't care anywhere.
  9. Yeah, right... Why in the hell there are signs "slower traffic keep right"? Even if you stay within teh speed limit, but going slower than flow, this sign is for you and you should obey it. Period.
  10. Well, let's compare. Did I just win?
  11. I was drinking water... Shit. Its all over my desk now... Poor Shah...
  12. http://www.amazon.com/How-Shit-Woods-Environmentally-Approach/dp/0898156270
  13. Fly this thing today for 15 minutes. I really had a blast. It was my first ever try for enclosed VWT. My most time has been flown in open air AAC tunnel. So what can I say: fast, smooth and cool place. From now on, my every visit to Holland will be celebrated by visiting that wonderful place. Thanks guys.
  14. 16 hrs in wind tunnel since last year December. Just 10 skydives almost 3 years ago and I do not jump anymore. So far: - Belly, forward/backward/side movements, turns 90/180/360, tracking into the middle while circling around - don't know how that move is called correctly, little RW; - Front flips; - Barrel rolls; - T - just started to learn; - Sit - can't get off the net though - I am the heavy one, 250 lbs; - Back - can't figure out right body position yet. - Belly to Back transitions - half back flip, half front flip, half barrel roll. My home tunnel is AAC. I have never flown any enclosed WT. Looking forward to try Indoor Skydive Rosendal in the Netherlands in the middle of July.
  15. Whatever way. You can just stay right on the edge and lean forward and then take off, or you may jump into the air, but not so hard. Or you can even walk into the air and transit to belly or back from there.
  16. I am flying with my glasses on, so I choose to use full face FreeZR MK2 helmet. I started with Protec and regular goggles, but during cold time, I fly in open air AAC tunnel, it was a such horrible experience. Kinda cold and all that junk from nose was always all over my face. It turned out that I have an allergy to that such intense air speed. Then I started to use a full face helmet and was absolutely happy for some time until summer. It is so hot in this thing, so i started to wear Protec for the half of the session again. Even with this mix, I vote for the full face, it saved my face from several scratches.
  17. I am pretty sure that lifting up four people with total weight of 240 kg is not the same as to lift one individual with half of this weight, more actually. I am not extreme flier, but I know for sure that with my 240 lbs I cannot hang with three others guys 150 lbs each. Of course we can do that, but I need to be flat as hell or airspeed must go up and these guys need to bend in half then or wear some weight. At AAC we tried 3-4 way flight when I was on my belly and others either sit flying or knee flying. That the difference.