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  1. I won't be competing in swoop week but i might have some time to come and watch. i was wondering though with 3 big competitions in a row how many people will be competing in more than one? and if you are competing in just one, which one? i would think it would be very tough physically and mentally to compete in 1 compeitition let alone 2 or even 3 competitions in a week. just curious, good luck to you competitors out there hopefully i'll be able to come out and watch some of it.
  2. well looking at the companies past history and to error on the side of caution, i'm going to guess they're just going to rely on the paper figures. i'd rather go with a "veteran" canopy like the velo that appears to have been tested thoroughly and is still winning nearly every competition any way.
  3. Does deadelus actually test any of their stuff? i mean wouldn't this issue of material deteriation come up in testing? or do they just say "hey it flies better so lets put it out there"? this is pretty concerning stuff to just have your parachute fall apart after 400-500 jumps.
  4. what i kind of find interesting is that most of the article is about the jvx and their "almosts" yet 7 out of the top 10 were velo's. kinda seems biased a little bit
  5. better question is who do you think will win?
  6. Just wondering what type of canopy everyone flies. If you have more than one canopy than put down the one your fly the most, or like to fly the most.
  7. thank you for posting that airborne82nd i now know that i will never take anything you say on these forums, or in person for that matter, seriously. and i can only hope no one else takes what you say seriously either because if they do they will hurt themselves. thanks for clearing up any doubt.
  8. Awesome! are there any pictures or video from this event?
  9. i was more thinking along the lines of all the modifications that are done to the canopies. for example you can an all zp, hybrid w/ top skin, hybrid w/ bottom skin, hybrid w/ xbraces, hybrid w/ a combination of those things, full sail, competition trim, non-competition trim, or a combination of all of that. all those different combinations probably have a different effect on the canopy, so how do they know if one combination is more or less stable, or more or less high performance, or what ever? primarily i'm just worried about saftey because i would rather not have a canopy collapse on me. and looking through previous threads about the jvx i've read that some don't like the deep braked flight mode, so maybe there is a correlation of some kind. again sorry for getting off topic, i'm just trying to learn as much as possible. thanks for the reply marks.
  10. this is kind of off topic, but does it concern anyone else on how fast deadalous spits out new canopies, or variations of canopies? i mean is it possible to do all the necessary testing in that short amount of time between versions? almost just seems like they have an idea (ie hybrid skins) then put it out there to see if it works. now i'm not saying that their not good canopies, i'm just questioning how much testing went into all the different variations. cause i'm pretty sure with the really small high performance stuff that if you change one "little" thing without changing or compensating other "little" things then it could be extremely dangerous.
  11. Curious to know how long does it take you to feel comfortable under a canopy (ie how many jumps)? Please also define what comfortable is to you.
  12. i know of some testing that was done using very small HMA (can't remember but think it was around the 150#) and after 30 or so jumps the line would snap in a front riser turn and not always at the bartac, but in random places on the line. obviously the testers weren't landing this, but they did test it.
  13. while we're at it lets just say that people going through a carved speed course can't use the straightest line through, becuase that's not the object of the course. also, popping up is definitely a skill. got to watch some of the PST events this year and the people that popped up didn't always go the furthest.