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  1. Hi all, thanks for all the info that I have recieved over the past few days. Maybe just to clarify some points. Actually I am from Singapore, so the cost I quoted are in $AUS. I am already book my air-ticket to Brisbane to do my sky-dive. Tentatively, I have narrow to 3 places to do: Ramblers (Toogoolawah), Brisbane Sky-Diving (Willowbank), and Sky-Dive Queensland (Kooralbyn). Here is an outline of the 3 places. Ramblers: AFF Package only $1745, 'A' License $3200 includes video and goggles (I wonder how much a free pair of goggles can cost), accomodation in bunkhouse included. Brisbane: AFF Package only $1595, don't know abt 'A' license Sky-Drive QLD: 'A' License package $2900, video included too, don't seem to have AFF package only, accomodation in resort included. Of the three placees, Sky-Dive QLD looks like the best package. Wonder anyone did there b4? I am actually still quite undecided on how I am going to do this Sky-Diving. On one hand, I am interested to get a 'A' license, but to do it continously over a 7-10 days is like rather stressing. But Australia would most probably be the only place I can do at the moment. After I get the license, I do wonder whether I will still jump at my country. Singapore do have a sky-diving group, and they usually go to neighbouring Malaysia to jump instead. Doing Sky-diving this time round is not just an experiential thing. I definitely want to do the full AFF course to learn sky-diving, but I wonder after jumping thru the 9 stages, how I would feel? Will I want to continue to get the 'A' license? Kinda of confused. Would really appreciate help and advice from sky-diving folks. Thanks.
  2. Hi folks, I really need help here. I am planning to travel on a holiday to Australia next month. My plan is to visit Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide only. I plan to take the AFF course in as little time as possible, e.g. like a stretch of over 4-5 days. While searching through training centres in these regions thru the web, I found them rather unsatisfactory, e.g. some operate only on weekends, some have much lower exit altitudes say 10,000-12,000 ft. So far, the more established one seems to be Sydney Sky-Diving Centre. However, their cost are rather exhorbitant coming to $2200 for the whole AFF 9 stage course. I have found however in Brisbane, Skydive Ramblers ($1745) and Brisbane Sky-Diving ($1595). But that would mean I would need to alter my holiday schedule including one more city to visit and flying in between the cities. I hoping to find a learning place that operates 7 days a week, to teach whole 9 stage AFF over a 4-5 day period, reasonably priced, better still if accomodation are available at a low cost. Thanks for any replies recieved. I would to hear too for anyone who have learn Sky-Dive in Australia, particularly in the places I have mentioned to give me some light about their training conditions.